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  1. S>+10 Orcish Axe[4]=110m or comment Best Offer

    is your +7 Orlean's Server clean or carded?
  2. S> +7VF[2] Clean

  3. S> +7VF[2] Clean

    up 😊
  4. S> +7VF[2] Clean

    Hello! I’m selling the following: +8 Novice Shield [Hodremlin]- SOLD +10 Hypnotist Staff [NecroNecro] - SOLD +7 Silver Guard [Hodremlin] - SOLD STR+1 Elven Ears [Pharaoh] 16m Magical Booster [0] - SOLD clean +7 VF[2] 40m PM/mail me your reasonable offers here or in game. IGN: Yamamiko
  5. BB LK Help please

    May I add also considering using Pharaoh card in place of Bloody Knight card for your mid headgear. If using either cards will not affect the number of BB casts you need to kill the monster that you’ll be farming, prefer using Pharaoh. But if using the Bloody Knight will make you cast less BB to kill your target, use that instead. The SP cost saved by using Pharaoh card is a lot specially if you’re farming in maps with SP-sucking monsters such as Nightmare Terror or Incubus. basically, yes. Aim for at least 97 VIT total. For DEX, 100 total would suffice as during cast of BB the defense of the caster lowers so they aim to have fast cast rate of BB so they are less exposed to this effect. When I had my VF and eventually a Veteran Sword, I’d usually put a Doppel card on one kf the slots. This is in relation to the concept used by Sherwood Stalkers that high aspd and fast cast rate makes BB a deadly skill minus the negative effect it brings to its user while casting the skill. For STR, just make sure that the total is divisible by 10 so you can get the atk bonus.
  6. To OP: Any reason why you choose a Diablos Ring as the other accessory? Would it be better if it will be replaced by a Bradium Earring or another Orlean’s Gloves?
  7. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    7 ign Yamamiko
  8. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 5]

    4 igN Yamamiko
  9. My personal and work life is too stressful enough to pay more attention to people who doesn't know how to properly use forums. Why would I add hassle to myself with the repetitive questions and queries when my purpose of visiting the forum is to help myself with the information that I need. Life's too short to pay much serious attention to people who you choose to help but will ignore the thread and won't even show appreciation when you help them - much worse people who don't know how to use the forums. Why bother replying on the posts of questions you deem repetitive when your answer will be rude? Reverse psychology, perhaps? Based on what I observed on both sub-forums, majority got offended on the approach you guys chose to, "help". Also, trolling someone by keep on tagging them when you didn't agree with their opinion is also -1 on my books and shows immaturity, just to what? To make a point? I hope I'm not dealing with 10-year olds here.
  10. FYI, this is not the first forum that I encountered or have joined in in my life. As I said before, if you deem questions like this unnecessary and repetitive, you have the option to ignore. Unfortunately, you didn't and you can't. Try to get a life outside the forums every once in awhile, Netherlands is such a nice country.
  11. Vampsmith planning to go Geff

    You might want to increase your Hit as Succubus and Incubus requires 202 and 192 Hit respectively, unless you only aim to kill everything in Geff with the crit procs of Vanberk. Bring the Rideword hat with you and immediately swap the Marching Hat off once the Aspersio skill procs in. I'd rather switch with Gloom carded armor and Bathory armor. Bathory will totally block the push back that the JT will give you so no need for RSX carded armor there. Also, consider bringing tons of GJs specially if you'll be going in with a Kaahi. Incubus will only take one shot to drain all of your SP compared to a Nightmare Terror, which usually takes 2-3 shots to drain all your SP. Unless you have a Kiel card on your weapon. You can also consider swapping in/out a separate High Priest accessory instead of totally replacing that additional Poodle card.
  12. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    For Tier 4 lower headgear, will Chewing Bubblegum would work similar to Vajra? Same TC price and can be used by melee class similar to the idea of using STR mid BK.