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  1. Matharu

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    But thankfully, next to the jar was a glass of water.
  2. Matharu

    Question about voting

    There isn't an expiration date but I have been told it caps out at 1000. After that you don't get points.
  3. Matharu

    Old Player Needs Help

    The lovely GM team managed to track down an old forum account of mine from almost 11 years back when Talon was still called Anime with only a vague recollection of thrown together facts and a guess at a username so I am sure a support ticket would help you wonders. They're always willing to go above and beyond if you work with them. Good luck either way mate and welcome back to the Family.
  4. Matharu

    One-/Two-Horned Scarabas

    It doesn't specify that they are boss monsters but it does say they are boss-type. To me that means perhaps they are aggressive but can still be affected by knock back and frozen affects. Perhaps I am wrong but it could at least help towards a solution. Either way good luck.
  5. Matharu

    Newbie rogue help

    IP means Ice-Pick. It's a weapon that deals higher attack damage based on a creatures defence
  6. Matharu

    im stuck at the airplane

    Not sure if you're still stuck but I am assuming you mean the airship that travels between the cities? If so watch your chat window. It will tell you when it is arriving, when it has arrived, and when it departs each terminal. Just hop off when it arrives. Hope this helps.
  7. Matharu

    Arkyn - [Social/PvM]

    Started 2 weeks ago Arkyn is a new, but hopefully expanding, Guild primarily focused around social interactions and PvM. Once Arkyn has a solid foundation with active members we will expand to mid-end game content including PvP if we have enough support. At the moment recruiting is open to everyone regardless of class or level. As spots fill though selection will become more specific on making sure their is a range of classes to cover every aspect of what TalonRO has to offer in order to keep a broad knowledge base. For an in-game invite please pm Vaarex, Vaurien or Michhi. Alternatively visit the Guild Directory and search for Arkyn and you will be accepted that way. I look forward to meeting you all in-game and sharing many journeys with you all. Note* If anybody has experience in creating guild-based forum signatures please send me a message via forums so we can discuss ideas and payment.
  8. Matharu

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the Family. Hope you enjoy your time with us and if you need anything hit me up in-game. Vaarex or Vaurien
  9. Matharu

    Fond Memories Brought Me Back

    You sound like a returning oldie like myself. Welcome back to the Family. Feel free to hit me up in-game. Vaarex or Vaurien Scapegrace
  10. Matharu

    I'm new.

    Welcome to the Family. Hit me up in-game and I'll help you out if I can. Vaarex.
  11. Matharu

    The Stuff of Heliekins

    I may, or may not, be wrong here but in my experience with Talon you're going to be hard-pressed to find anybody willing to part with TC in order to obtain artwork. More specifically since there are others on the Forums who do it for Zeny/Free. There is actually a thread labelled "Draw the Person above you" and artists frequent that post quite often. Like I said though. I may be wrong so either way Good Luck
  12. Matharu

    Salutations from a Dragon

    Shadowrun reference? I got curious and googled "Origin of Celedyr" and came up with that. He seems to have quite a diverse history. Anyway, welcome back to the wonderful universe of RO. I am sure Talon will have a lot to offer you as it is a very customised server but balanced and friendly. The GM's make a lot of appearances and the events they have are very random and fun. Feel free to send an in-game mail to Vaarex or or Vaurien Scapegrace. I'll happily have a chat with you and help you out.
  13. Matharu

    Why does Talon crash in the stylist sometimes?

    It's got nothing to do with that. It's a well known glitch with the headgear npc in the same building. There is really nothing you can do unfortunately except just try again at a different time in the day when whomever is using the npc has left. It's what I do. Alternatively you can use the npc, crash everybody else out then go back in to use the stylist hah.
  14. Matharu

    B>Leech Job 68 - 70 (closed)

    Unless you're a Priest you should just go to High Orcs and level there. You'll get to 70 in no time.
  15. Matharu

    i cant open the game

    Have you tried uninstalling completely and then re-downloading onto your laptop from the website? That would be your next course of action.