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  1. Hello all. Quite some time ago when TalonRO was known as AnimeRO I played a Paladin who was married to a woman named ~Michiru~, a high priestess. I only recently discovered that this was once called AnimeRO and was wondering if you are that person, or might know that person, could you please get in contact with me. Due to a car accident I was absent when the name change occured and never knew what happened until now so I just vanished one day and never came back and would like to see if I can reconnect. Kindest Regards.
  2. Was TalonRo ever called another name?

    Done and Done then. Ticket submitted and awaiting any possible results. Thank-you both.
  3. Was TalonRo ever called another name?

    Holy Mother of... Wow The only problem is I don't remember my character name. I remember small details like class, the email it was linked too (which I don't have access too) and possible passwords, but i'm talking like.... a decade-ish old account. With such little information would it be worth submitting a ticket?
  4. I was chatting with a friend of mine that I met a few hours earlier tonight and he mentioned that TalonRO used to be called AnimeRO which just so happens to be the very first server I ever played Ragnarok on. If that is the case, and if it was it would be amazing considering I found my way back somehow, would there be the possibility that the old accounts belonging to that server are still active and could be recovered and how would one go about doing so? Any information would be greatly appreciated.