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  1. PoliceMan

    Monthly Voting Event

    Yes it is. Don't be so quick to jump into conclusion it's only a suggestion since i'm as well trying to get many people back into foruming. Yes we do get the CC / TC from voting but suggesting an event with variety/random of prizes can't be consider? For example :- 1) Monthly event for the most player to do voting. Top 3 will get 50 GJ or so and etc. 2) Example event is like this :- i) People take SS for the vote every 12 hours and post it in the event section. 2 SS for the 1st successful verification and the 2nd for the server ranking SS. ii) Every end of month the accumulated number of voted will be calculated and winners will be decided on who voted the most. This can be both benefits the players ingame and forum. Again this is just a suggestion and i'm only suggesting..
  2. PoliceMan

    Monthly Voting Event

    Hi there everyone, I don't know if there's already similar suggestion been suggested too but I've not found any (or maybe I've missed it) My suggestion is to bring "Monthly Voting Event" in this forum/server. Benefits : * More people will vote for this server * Server rank maintain at number 1 * Monthly event with random given items (depends on the GM's (can be TC? Costume?or etc..) - People will says it will ruin the market if such given items will be given but think if the items are not that like super expensive or such. * Bring backs the interest of other players to come and join this forum (the more the merrier) * Gives newbies the chances of getting rewards or such if they are diligent to vote for this server Anyhow this is just my suggestion, sorry for my bad English
  3. PoliceMan


    tgh kumpul zeny tuk beli GEC shoes hehe. lps tu bru beli apple o archer. skit2 boleh la.
  4. PoliceMan


    Yo..sya baru start main. Cma lmbt leveling sbb main kat opis. Masa terhad hehe. Skrg da hunter lvl 78. Skill nak up pn xtau apa benda da haha. Sapa2 msih main kat sni?
  5. PoliceMan

    Newbies from Malaysia

    Pyah nk dpt zeny =_='
  6. PoliceMan

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Ghost? No problem. Use ghost repellent candle :D! IGN: Blizzard7
  7. PoliceMan

    Newbies from Malaysia

    hehe xpe nnti da lama skit jmpa la tu kalau jmpa kat ingame : Blizzard7 just hola2 je la
  8. PoliceMan

    Newbies from Malaysia

    Hi there. Usually i will be on around working hours (8am-5pm) but most of the time maybe i will go afk because of works and lags
  9. PoliceMan

    Newbies from Malaysia

    Hello and good day to all of you :)! This is my first time playing since the last i touched Ragnarok ages ago, i think it might be around 10 years i think i forgot I stumble upon this server as i was searching what else to fill the time. I really forgot all the things and shortcut etc but eventually i will get to know some I've created archer char since most of the guide that i search here refer to this char as the easiest to level up due to range and yes for the low zeny of course so far i got to level 58 now, slowly leveling since i'm only playing in office with restricted time (due to my laptop is currently out of order now) but still i enjoyed playing in this server. I would love to do a donation since i need zeny to buy some eqs and leveling up and maybe goes for GEC shoes since many suggesting it but i haven't yet got the feedback and confirmation to do the donation. Well in the meantime, if you see me ingame doing my things and so on just holla me my ign: Blizzard7 Thanks and cheers to all !!
  10. PoliceMan

    Newbies from Malaysia

    Selamat petang dan selamat hari raya. Ada lagi tak orang malaysia main TalonRO? hehe da 10 tahun agaknya x sentuh RO.