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    pm me for your offer
  2. Frenzie Bop

    PC >> Spiritual Ring

  3. Frenzie Bop

    PC >> Spiritual Ring

    How much does a spiritual ring usually costs?
  4. Frenzie Bop

    Priest starting gears

    I actually have most of these things except the gargoyle shoes. I'll try and equip the spiritual + rosary and see how many dex I also have the loyal sohee egg so that's a plus 1 kinda risky since if I die it will lower its intimacy lol. thank you! im a nit of a noob so sorry T-T
  5. Frenzie Bop

    Priest starting gears

    Yeah, i actually have both but if i use rosary and spirit ring what can i substitute for the less 10 dex?
  6. Frenzie Bop

    Priest starting gears

    Anyway, I managed to snag some gears buuuuuuut my goal is ME Priest anyway, so I need at least IC. I only need like 1 more Dex but food is not really that practical. So idk, what else do I need? I'm still a Priest btw XD
  7. Frenzie Bop

    Nameless Island Quest Help

    Okay so I screwed up really bad, I just started the nameless island quest and well I realized that I have to do the Lost Child and Rachel Sanctuary first. So now I'm stuck with the step where you have to get the written order from High Priest Zhed T_T IDK What to do i need access to abbey.
  8. Frenzie Bop

    Priest starting gears

    thanks for the replies everyone. appreciate it. :'>
  9. Frenzie Bop

    Problems with Homun

    holy sht thanks. HAHAHA i'm such an idiot.
  10. Frenzie Bop

    Problems with Homun

    So, I've downloaded an AI for my Homun. It seemed to be working perfectly fine at first once i typed in /hoai but yesterday I noticed my homun won't attack automatically even if I'm attacking unless I use its skills manually. Help??
  11. Frenzie Bop

    Priest starting gears

    Uhm, idk if I'm allowed to post this here or what but if not sorry T-T Anyway, I just want to ask you guys since I'm super new to being a priest and pretty much penniless. What starting gears can you recommend me? The guides I've been seeing and reading are for players who can afford expensive gears :< Thank you btw.