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    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    IGN: wasewu Cosplay: Wild Rose Overdose
  2. anchampala

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Here is my entry for the Summer Cook Off Challenge. My meal consists of a main course, a dessert and a cooler. Enjoy! Thyme-less Honey Marinated Savage Babe This dish is really simple. Just marinade the meat using honey, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and olive oil. Like so: Leave it overnight for a more tasty flavor. Melt some butter in a pan. Put the meat, some rosemary leaves, shallots (quartered), and red bell pepper. Let it cook for 5 minutes then turn to the other side. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the color of your meat. (I prefer mine nest to burnt) Serve and Enjoy! Rolled Toast We'll continue immediately to dessert. This one is even more simpler than the main course. Cut the corners of the loaf of bread, flatten it with a rolling pin, and spread Nutella over each slice (not too much though, as it may "leak" while we cook it) Roll each slice and secure it with a toothpick (only if your bread is stubborn) Whisk some egg and milk Melt some butter in a pan. Dip the bread in the egg/milk mixture and then put it in the pan. Cook over low heat. Turn over if desired browness of the roll is achieved. Once done, roll it over sugar and sprinkle some sesame seeds. It doesn't look appetizing but it is actually tasty. I enjoyed it. Unmixed Juice Well, what can I say. Just use a blender and add sugar at your discretion. Perfect for a sunny day. Enjoy! Sorry GMs, I actually forgot to put my IGN on the photo. I just remembered it after i was done eating. Good thing i haven't washed the plates yet. Hope this still counts. Now it's time for the RO part of the challenge. wasewu was asked by Madeleine Chu, chef at the Prontera Castle, to help her in the kitchen. This is their story. "She asks for Honey, well boy am I lucky. There are lots of Creamy just south of Prontera and they do drop Honey, though not all the time. See what i mean, this one dropped a Creamy card instead of Honey. " "I would have picked it but I got loads of fly wing. So no use for it now." After loads of Creamy and 5 more Creamy card that wasewu didn't pick up, he finally found the Honey. "Hurray. Gotta give this to Madeleine now." "This time she wants meat. I believe there are loads of Savage Babe just southwest of Prontera. This should be a cinch. I've slaughtered beasts more ferocious than this one." "See. It's done." "Wait. Is that . . ." With a heavy heart, wasewu picked up the carcass of the slaughtered animal and gloomily walks until he reaches Hollgrehenn. Carrying a bucket that is not enough to contain the heaviness in his heart, wasewu traverses the dangerous land of Midgard, towards Geffen. There he found the magical cow who supplies Midgard with milk. After obtaining enough milk, wasewu continued his journey towards Izlude. There he found the churning machine needed to make butter. After obtaining butter, he then made his way to Madeleine. wasewu kept his promise and never put a hand on an animal again("and High Orcs, don't forget the High Orcs"). he still remained auraless, thanks to that. THE END
  3. anchampala

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    IGN: wasewu Original Better than original