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  1. Buying Strouf C , Skeleton worker C, Compobow+10(4)

  2. Buying Strouf C , Skeleton worker C, Compobow+10(4)

  3. leave mail ingame (- Dorfy -)or here
  4. B>Black Cat Hood Costume

    Uppp <3
  5. B>Black Cat Hood Costume

    Pm me the price please
  6. Sniper Priorities

    Ooops saw this one while waiting for answers :3 gears to buy are there but what to buy 1st like if i go buy the garment/armor/access then kaho or kaho first or bow 1st something like that is what i want to know
  7. Sniper Priorities

    Ok so my farmer is now ready. Im thinking of gearing my main. Need some help in gear progression like what to buy 1st up to last ? or atleast until i can join some ET or solo stuffs. All i have right now is GEC xd what should be my next target ?
  8. PC>High priest card

    the one with auto assump lvl1
  9. Vampsmith planning to go Geff

    Armor will switch to Bathory. I'm thinking of changing cursed hand [poodle] to [high priest] . (I don't know if its worth it) and about the hat I also have extra Ridewood[vanberk] ... Just use holy marching hat there ? or not at all because someone told me that I will miss in angels ? I don't know.
  10. Priest help

    I'm HP now and my stats is 150 dex 100 int and rest vit. Is this good or go 120 int ? Because when I kill necro I need 2 ME to kill and it's just annoying when I'm being gang'd with banshees when killing the necros also the quag
  11. Priest help

    Pop up question.. Abbey3 solo with HP lvl79/48 doable ?
  12. Priest help

    Oh yea. Divine cross combo adds some survivability also i forgot about that xd
  13. Priest help

    Getting a Divine cross combo is good for Priest ? Thinking of grinding till 99 in GHC(can do with just IC because i hit them 700++) and Niff (but here i die fast and my ME dmg is only 200+ per hit) oh im also thinking of getting a tirfing shield.. or better wait to be hp and wear plat. shield ? My gear right now. -LKH -Mid Int[Missy] -Survivor Rod[Drops -Silk robe[Bathory]Dex+3 -Sandals[Eddga] -Muffler[Deviling] -2x Glove[Sting]
  14. Notorious X

    Any officials on right now ? <3