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  1. Priest help

    I'm HP now and my stats is 150 dex 100 int and rest vit. Is this good or go 120 int ? Because when I kill necro I need 2 ME to kill and it's just annoying when I'm being gang'd with banshees when killing the necros also the quag
  2. Priest help

    Pop up question.. Abbey3 solo with HP lvl79/48 doable ?
  3. Priest help

    Oh yea. Divine cross combo adds some survivability also i forgot about that xd
  4. Priest help

    Getting a Divine cross combo is good for Priest ? Thinking of grinding till 99 in GHC(can do with just IC because i hit them 700++) and Niff (but here i die fast and my ME dmg is only 200+ per hit) oh im also thinking of getting a tirfing shield.. or better wait to be hp and wear plat. shield ? My gear right now. -LKH -Mid Int[Missy] -Survivor Rod[Drops -Silk robe[Bathory]Dex+3 -Sandals[Eddga] -Muffler[Deviling] -2x Glove[Sting]
  5. Notorious X

    Any officials on right now ? <3
  6. Notorious X

    Waiting xd
  7. Notorious X

    Still recruiting ?
  8. Brewtiful - Join the Brewvement

    is this still alive ? xD