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  1. ShinyStars

    Buying shura king pledge 15m

    Buying shura king pledge 15m ! Thanks
  2. ShinyStars

    Need help!

    Ok i want to ask whether 2 mimic accessories and forgot the name. The black hat tht look like dragon tht gives a chance of dropping old blue box stacks together? Can anyone explain to me how it works? Worth it to get all 3 for a better chance of dropping old blue box? Thanks for the help!
  3. ShinyStars

    Puente robe help

    Thanks kisuka
  4. ShinyStars

    B> Divine Cross +3 to 6 dex

  5. ShinyStars

    S>Costumes and more!!

    80m blinking eyes.
  6. ShinyStars

    Puente robe help

    Anyone can tell me Puente Robe can enchant maximum how many dex? 2 or 3 dex?
  7. ShinyStars

    B> Divine Cross +3 to 6 dex

    Offer me tyvm. Also leave down your ign so i can pm u either here or in game
  8. ShinyStars


  9. ShinyStars


  10. ShinyStars

    S> Blinking Eyes Costume

    How much is your c/o
  11. ShinyStars


    Buying ZherlthshDollCostume 3m JokerJesterCostume 4m *Bought* CasualDroopingPopeCostume 5m *Bought* RedGlasses(Mistress) 28m *Bought* Tears or Tears costume (offer me)