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  1. we love to annoyed other players. That's what we are 😂😂 A Musician ! 😂😂
  2. The first concert and musician gathering that include performer of violinist, chellist, guitarist, dancer, whipper (Lol) and singer. The composition of the playlist is:- 1-The Apple of Idun 2-A Poem of Bragi 3-Assasin Cross of Sunset 4-Please Don't Forget Me 5-Fortune's Kiss 6-Service for You 7-Dissonance 8-Moonlit Water Mill The performance also include a segment of Frost Joke and a couple of sound discordance (RIP earphone user). The concerto will continue later at designated time and places. Stay tuned ! (LOL cringe post)
  3. I see.. thank you for clarifying. I thought that there is need for other thing due to the 3 space indication. Thankssssss.... 🤗🤗🤗
  4. Hai. Please help me to understand this. I got jewel furnace, jewel cutter and raw gem. and when i click jewel furnace and select green gem it pop up to green gem material as shown as figure below. What is the green gem material ? Please help. Thank you in advanced
  5. muah muah muah muah muah.... XD
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