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  1. Jan 5 slot 3 2pm server time - Amatsu Desserts
  2. Dec 9 Slot 4 [ Open ] 2pm Server Time - Amatsu Desserts
  3. Thank you for your reply @GM Lance
  4. Hi @GM Lance, Can I ask how long is the Elysium instance? 1 hour? 1 hour 30? Thank you for your reply
  5. Hi Sir @GM Lance Is it allowed for a person to join this wonderful instance twice? coz we might be lacking members in our schedule, we might need to recruit members from outside of our guild that has the Elysium access since we are only 12 people that has this elysium access in our guild and its difficult for us to be playing together all at the same time coz our timezone differs from one another. So my plan is to recruit a member from other teams that also has the elysium access so we could be atleast 12 man party when we go to this exciting instance. Is going to the instance twice allowed? Thank you for your future reply @GM Lance!!
  6. Hi @GM Lance Nov 25 Slot 1 [Open] 2pm Server Time - Amatsu Desserts By the way how many members are needed for this event? 12 party team?
  7. 1) https://www.twitch.tv/goyu123 2) Goyu#7602
  9. King's Soul Stone - This item drops from Halloween MvPs, or via other miscellaneous methods. 1) We are having difficulty getting this stone, we have killed 4 mvps in the dungeon but there was no King soul stone, Is it possible to increase the drop rate to 100% drop rate? our guild really want to enter the Night King Instance, we heard that its a very challenging instance, we want to try it out but we really cant get the Stone, it would be a sad if only very very very few people can do this fun instance. 2) Could there be a guide for other methods to get King soul stone? Is there other form to get soul stone aside from trading "Evil heart" 3) Could the regular mobs also get a higher drop rate for the king soul stone? 4) can the dungeon be always available so we can farm the stone, it is so difficult to farm the stone coz its not available all the time and people like us who works cant really farm it coz our limited playing time From what i have heard the instance is very hard and it would be a shame if people couldn't even have the opportunity to try it coz of the difficulty getting the soul stone.
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