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  1. Update- GMC Lance monsters
  2. thank you @FullHearts!!!
  3. Goyu

    looking for guild

    try those three @jENy, and welcome back
  4. Goyu

    looking for guild

    @jENy, alright check sempiternal, landers and crimson guild.
  5. Goyu

    looking for guild

    Hi join us https://discord.gg/PVQbe2P
  6. Update - GMC Black Talon starting position, where to ice wall
  7. Jan 5 slot 3 2pm server time - Amatsu Desserts
  8. Updates GMC Shiris - Shiris breaks headgear - Shiris has skill spiral pierce and ganba, it is now added to his skill - added a video how to position shiris properly along the long wall
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