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    New guns maybe?

    "Gandr" rifle ATK: 40 weapon Lvl3 slot: 3 int+5 matk+10% aspd -30% Int increases by 1 for each refine level above 5 increase Magical Bullet's damage by 50% increase sp cost of Magical Bullet by x10 basically a magic wand in the form of a rifle. free cookies for anyone who'd figure out where i based it from :3c also a neat alternative weapon for autocast magic proc-ing to provide more variety on gunner builds. "Arma Fortuna" revolver ATK: 55 weapon Lvl4 slot: 2 luk+5 perfect dodge +20 hit-30 imo desperado is pretty strong as it is, going for 4 slots might seem a bit op so i just went with 2, this revolver offers a bit more defense in exchange for a bit more penalty on hit compared to the usual revolvers. think of it like invoker of death for gunslingers
  2. pettanko

    questions about Tracking

    does beelzebub card reduce it's cast time? i've seen it get mentioned in some of the gunslinger threads, there's also a bit of it in the gunslinger wiki guide, but in the stat calc it doesn't seem to reduce it