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    B> Artemis bow [TTT]

    Please leave the price or send priv msg
  2. Czarson

    S> Nibelungen DTT

    Hello, I am selling Nibel DTT. If you are interested, please send PM
  3. Czarson

    sinx new

    Hi, I don't want to create new topic, so I just ask it here. I want to make dual daggers sinX with that bulid https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibDaYbDauabadubbaj0iaQfnaTaaadkaQcMaSehsDfZwjfZuktlcltogwmLgdtwgXtwh9eeeeaikkffaaaaaaabaaagKaaaaHaaaaa . Does this bulid has a chance to be good in farming and mobbing (not as many mobs at once like Vampsmith), I mean, does this one sniper card will be enough for mobing small group?
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