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  1. I AM FREE

    ACB0T Shop

    PM ACB6T, I am now currently at Moscovia.
  2. I AM FREE

    ACB0T Shop

    *Some of these items are vended by my merchants, try searching for AYBIT(ACB0T-X) and AM1T(ACB0T-Y) using the website. FOR SALE (Help fund a newbie quitting sale): Reading Format: {Price} Upgrade-level, Item Name[Cards] (Enchant if applicable) VEND as of January 21, 2019 ITEMS - CONSUMABLES {20k} (x105) Mastela Fruit Wine {30k} (x16) Old Blue Box {10k} (x137) Professional Cooking Kit {50k} (x11) Royal Cooking Kit {15k} (x218) Fruit Mix WEAPONS - DAGGER {2m} +10 Main Gauche [4][Clean] {275k} (x10) Mes[3] WEAPONS - MACE {40k} (x10) Nemesis WEAPONS - SPEAR {200m} +4 Nibelungen[Doppelganger, Doppelganger, Turtle General] WEAPONS - KATAR {5.5m} Katar of Raging Blaze[Clean] WEAPONS - 1-HAND SWORD {2m} +5 Naght Seiger Twin Blade(B) [Clean] WEAPONS - SHOTGUN {100k} (x2) Thunder-P2[2] WEAPONS - GATLING GUN {200k} (x1) Drifter[1] ARMORS - HEADGEAR UPPER {5m} +4 Holy Marching Hat[Clean] {3.4m} Rideword Hat[Clean] ARMORS - BODY {30m} +4 Lucius's Fire Armor[RSX] (VIT +2) {24m} Odin's Blessing[Gloom Under Night] (STR +3) {15m} +4 Odin's Blessing[Angeling] (STR +3) {2.5m} Pantie[Clean] {200k} (x3) Orlean's Uniform {200k} (x0) Ebone Armor ARMORS - SHIELD {80k} (x4) Sacred Mission {150k} (x4) Muffler ARMORS - GARMENT {5.5m} +4 Dragon's Breath[Raydric] {800k} (x5) Wool Scarf ARMORS - FOOTGEAR {24m} +4 Bunny Slipper[Moonlight Flower] {250k} (x2) Tidal Shoes ARMORS - ACCESSORIES {7m} Cat Hand Glove[Errende Ebecee] {90k} (x14) Armor Charm CARDS {200k} (x7) Blazer {180k} (x4) Explosion {400k} (x2) Lava Golem {400k} (x5) Necromancer {20m} (x1) Phreeoni {3m} (x1) Whisper COSTUMES {2.3m} Happy Summer Ribbon Costume (ID: 20218) SQI INGREDIENTS {550} (x3210) Rusty Screw OTHERS {2.2k} (x1798) Fragment of Lord Kaho's Horn {5k} (x458) Oridecon {10k} (x37) Elunium {10k} (x19) Flame Heart {3.5k} (x1890) Steel {200k} (x4) Transparent Plate Blue {200k} (x10) Transparent Plate Green {200k} (x6) Transparent Plate Orange {200k} (x9) Transparent Plate Red ===================================================================================== SOON TO BE EDITED - IGNORE THIS SECTION (x1) Alarm (x1) Anacondaq (x1) Ancient Mummy (x3) Anolian (x2) Assaulter (x1) Aster (x1) Blue Acidus (x1) Civil Servant (x1) Comodo (x1) Cornutus (x1) Demon Pungus (x1) Diabolic (x1) Dimik (x4) Disguise (x3) Dullahan (x2) Earth Deleter (x2) Enchanted Peach Tree (x1) Fabre (x1) Familiar (x1) Freezer (x1) Frus (x3) Gibbet (x1) Goat (x1) Green Ferus (x1) Grizzly (x1) Hillsrion (x1) Hydra (x1) Hylozoist (x6) Incubus (x1) Injustice (x1) Isis (x1) Khalitzburg (x1) Kraben (x1) Leaf Cat (x2) Loli Ruri (x1) Lude (x1) Majoruros (x1) Marionette (x1) Medusa (x1) Mineral (x1) Myst Case (x2) Nightmare Terror (x1) Nightmare Verit (x1) Obsidian (x1) Orc Zombie (x1) Parasite (x1) Pest (x1) Ragged Zombie (x2) Raggler (x1) Santa Poring (x1) Savage (x1) Seeker (x2) Skeleton Prisoner (x2) Sky Deleter (x1) Sropho (x2) Stone Shooter (x3) Succubus (x1) Tamruan (x1) Thanatos Despero (x4) Venatu (x2) Zombie Prisoner (x2) Zombie Slaughter
  3. I AM FREE

    SOM Bonus Upgrade Option

    A new sqi bonus upgrade for the Wizard/High Wizard SQI, Staff of Magi. It would be "+1% MATK per refine of the SQI" so people would have a good reason to over-upgrade it. Or any bonus upgrade that scales with the SQI's current refinement would be neat.
  4. I AM FREE

    Question about Auto-Blitz

    If I were to build an auto-blitz sniper(w/ Archer card set), it would probably be something like this. If I had the funds to do an auto-cast meme build it would be like this. If I had a shitload of zeny I would be doing this. Reason for 77 base agi would be switching between valk helm and Puppy Hat for the 3% Gloria proc when auto-attacking. Here are the cons with this build: Ghost Property monster, blitz-beat is def-piercing neutral so your bird can't kill what it can't touch. Can't mob since "auto-blitz" damage is divided by the number of monsters being hit. Weight Issue, you really need to put points in str since there are no Gym Passes here. Good luck joining parties for end game content (GMC, ET, Seals), they'll ask you to remove falcon to avoid aggro from MVP mobs. DS/SS Sniper > Auto-blitz build Here are the pros of this build: Fun if you enjoy watching the auto-blitz proc. You love birds. Since Ragnarok is an MMO and Talon is pre-renewal, it relies on party play for end game content. You really have to stick to the Carpal Tunnel meta if you want to play with other people.
  5. I AM FREE

    Question about Auto-Blitz

    Would be fun if you could also complete the archer card set. The coma effect on brute monsters here is modified. Here's the one on official: And according to our calcu, here's the one on Talon: If that 10% is true, just need to reach 190 aspd build, bring thousands of normal arrows and have fun owning new world
  6. Good day, Can we have something like this in the talonro db on the website? I just saw it in irowiki.db and I think it would be cool if talonro had it too. The price inside the parentheses shows how much the item would be sold with Overcharge level 10. Thank you
  7. I AM FREE

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Bell Pigeon Costume [20589] from Basic Summer Box