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  1. I AM FREE

    New Headgear Card

    There's a few headgear cards that comes to mind when it comes to nullifying the need for certain items, Mistress Card - nullifies the need for blue gemstones (same as official) Pinguicula Card - nullifies the need for Ninja stone requirements Dark Pinguicula Card - nullifies the need for bottle grenade requirement for the Demonstration skill Can we get a headgear card that nullifies the need for traps? Sniper builds here are either DS or crit build, trapper builds are not that popular. If ever you plan to make a headgear card that nullifies the need for traps, make it work like Dark Pinguicula card (only works in PVM)
  2. I AM FREE

    Mid Drops

    The following non-slotted middle headgear would be obtainable from killing certain MVPS (the percentage to drop would be up to you) or by doing certain quest(s). Robot Ear[0] from Kiel D-01 (Kiel is a robot) Bloody Angel Feathers[0] drop from Incarnation of Morroc (Angel) (item description says fallen angel w/c perfectly suits the Angel from DG since they are shadow property) Odin Mask[0] drop from Valkyrie (item name has 'Odin' in it, then the sonic blowing Valkyrie comes into mind) Hairband of Reginleif[0] drop from Valkyrie Randgris (item description says Valkyrie so I thought of the biggest Valkyrie in the server, Randgris) Ifrit Eye[0] drop from Ifrit (item literally has 'Ifrit' in it's name) Ears of Ifrit[0] drop from Ifrit (gee, I wonder if there's an MVP named 'Ifrit') Magical Booster[0] drop from Vesper (item description mentioned Juperos so I thought of Vesper) Mask of Aegir[0] drop from Kraken (Kraken's the only MVP that I can think of that is under the ocean) Angel of Ghost[0] drop from Gloom Under Night (I thought of Evil Snake Lord at first, but he's weaker than Gloom even though they're both Ghost property) Anemos Mask[0] drop from Mistress (item description says wind, thought of Mistress) Mask of Gaia[0] drop from RSX-0806 (item description says earth, thought of RSX since he's a miner mining the Earth) Black Devil's Mask[0] drop from Berzebub (Decided to give this to Bee since Fallen Bishop Hibram already drops [0]) Ice Ear Wing[0] drop from Ktullanux (because Garm is camped too much) Peco-peco ears[0] quest-able just like the Peco-peco hairband quest Imperial Feather[0] quest-able by exchanging like 200 or more Talon of Gryphon Sigrun's Wing[0] (reward included alongside the 200 bronze coins from doing the Traditional Rebirth Quest, thought of this since the item description says "Ear adornments that symbolize rebirth.") These are the idea drops that I had so far. I thought of it because it sucks thinking that most of the middle headgear are only obtainable through the chiqita box (RNG) and Reward Guru (w/c) costs 5 tc. Tears[0] if this suggestion gets declined.
  3. I AM FREE

    ACB0T Shop

    For faster transaction, you can directly message me at Discord: ACBoT #4463 SELLING: [ITEM SECTION] (4.5k) Cheese (5k) Dead Branch (25k) Fruit Mix (10k) Gift Box (20k) Mastela Fruit Wine (1m) Old Card Album (50k) Old Purple Box (1.2k) Orange (2.5k) Piece of Cake (5k) Royal Jelly TAMING ITEMS [WEAPON SECTION] DAGGER KATAR ONE-HANDED STAFF GUNS PET EGGS [ARMOR SECTION] HEADGEAR BODY SHIELD GARMENT SHOES ACCESSORIES [CARD SECTION] [OTHER SECTION] (70k) Aloe (1k) Animal Gore (1k) Anolian Skin (1k) Antelope Horn (5k) Antelope Skin (1k) Armor Piece of Dullahan (1k) Bacillus (1k) Bat Cage (1k) Bear's Footskin (1k) Black Cat Doll (100k) Black Dyestuffs (4.5k) Blue Bijou (3k) Broken Liquor Jar (3k) Broken Needle (1k) Broken Sword (1k) Brown Root (1.5k) Burning Hair (1k) Burning Heart (1k) Burning Horseshoe (2k) Claw of Rat (3k) Cloud Crumb (2k) Cogwheel (2k) Conch (3k) Coral Reef (5k) Crystal Blue (1k) Cultish Masque (1k) Dark Crystal Fragment (4k) Denture from Dragon Mask (1k) Destroyed Armor (45k) Detrimindexta (2.5k) Dokebi Horn (700) Dragon Canine (1k) Dragon Scale (1k) Dragon Skin (1k) Dragon Tail (1k) Earthworm Peeling (1k) Ectoplasm (8k) Elastic Band (3.5k) Elder Pixie's Mustache (13k) Elunium (1.5k) Fang (4k) Feather (1k) Feather of Birds (3.5k) Festival Mask (1.5k) Fig Leaf (1.5k) Fin (500) Fine Sand (1k) Fish Tail (10k) Flame Heart (1k) Flexible Tube (1k) Fluff (1k) Fragment (2.5k) Fragment of Lord Kaho's Horn (2k) Frill (500k) Frozen Rose (1k) Gill (1k) Grasshopper's Leg (1k) Grit (2k) Green Bijou (150k) Hammer of Blacksmith (1k) Hard Feeler (1.5k) Harpy Talon (1k) Heart of Mermaid (1k) Helm of Dullahan (1k) High Priest Cast Armor (70k) Hinalle (1k) Horrendous Hair (1k) Horrendous Mouth (1.5k) Human Skull (2k) Hung Doll (1k) Ice Cubic (50k) Illusion Flower (1k) Insect Feeler (100k) Izidor (700) Jellopy (60k) Karvodailnirol (1k) Lava (40k) Lemon Dyestuffs (1.5k) Leopard Claw (4k) Leopard Skin (700) Little Evil Horn (2.5k) Live Coal (1m) Loki's Whispers (1k) Manacles (70k) Ment (2k) Metal Fragment (1k) Miners Tool (1k) Moth Dust (1k) Mould Powder (1k) Mud Lump (45k) Mystic Frozen (1m) Necklace of Wisdom (1k) Nose Ring (4k) Nursing Bottle (1k) Ogre Tooth (1k) Oil Paper (5.5k) Old Frying Pan (2k) Old Manteau (1k) Orc's Fang (5.5k) Oridecon (50k) Particle of Light (3k) Piece of Bamboo (5k) Pinafore (2k) Pincher of Beetle (5k) Pineapple (500) Powder of Butterfly (3k) Pumpkin Lantern (2k) Red Bijou (1.5k) Red Blood (1k) Red Muffler (700) Reins (5k) Reptile Tongue (500) Rotten Bandage (45k) Rough Wind (3.5k) Rusty Kitchen Knife (600) Rusty Screw (2k) Scale Shell (40k) Scarlet Dyestuffs (1k) Scorpion Claw (1k) Scorpion Tail (2k) Shoulder Protector (500) Skel-bone (2k) Skull (1k) Snake Scale (5.5k) Soft Feather (3k) Solid Husk (3k) Spool (2k) Squid Ink (4k) Steel (2k) Strange Steel Piece (1k) Striped Sock (4k) Torn Magic Book (5k) Tough Vines (2k) Turtle Shell (1k) Used Iron Plate (1k) Wing of Red Bat (1k) Wooden Gnarl (1k) Worn Out Page (1k) Worn-out Magic Scroll (500) Worn-out Prison Uniform (7.5k) Yellow Bijou (6k) Yellow Plate (500) Yoyo Tail (1.5k) Zenorc's Fang ============================================= BUYING: (4k) Crystal Fragment (5m) Erde Mace[2]
  4. A new sqi bonus upgrade for the Wizard/High Wizard SQI, Staff of Magi. It would be "+1% MATK per refine of the SQI" so people would have a good reason to over-upgrade it. Or any bonus upgrade that scales with the SQI's current refinement would be neat.
  5. Good day, Can we have something like this in the talonro db on the website? I just saw it in irowiki.db and I think it would be cool if talonro had it too. The price inside the parentheses shows how much the item would be sold with Overcharge level 10. Thank you
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