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  1. My Entry! good luck to everyone and happy new years!! Character name: Finnick http://imgur.com/yd2KO0M http://imgur.com/dn3viPW SATAN MORROC RICE CRISPY TREAT! Ingredients: Chocolate chips for decorating (optional) chocolate frosting Rice crispy treat:(feel free to buy the store bought ones if you like) 1/4 cup butter 4 cups marshmallows 5 cups rice crispy cereal Fondant:(feel free to buy sore bought pre-made ones if you like) 8 ounces miniature marshmallows (4 cups not packed, or half of a 16-ounce bag) 1 pound powdered sugar (4 cups), plus extra for dusting 2 tbsp water Food gel coloring Directions: Rice Crispy 1. Melt margarine in large sauce pan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until melted and well-blended. Cook 2 minutes longer, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. 2. Add cereal. Stir until well coated. 3. Wear gloves, and shape the head, body and arms. Fondant Place the marshmallows and the water in a large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute, until the marshmallows are puffy and expanded. 2. Stir the marshmallows with a rubber spatula until they are melted and smooth. If some unmelted marshmallow pieces remain, return to the microwave for 30-45 seconds, until the marshmallow mixture is entirely smooth and free of lumps. You want to create multiple colors for Satan Morroc, brown, white, yellow and black from one batch of fondant, do not add the colors or flavors now. Instead, refer to step 6 below for instructions. 3. Add the powdered sugar and begin to stir with the spatula. Stir until the sugar begins to incorporate and it becomes impossible to stir anymore. 4. Scrape the marshmallow-sugar mixture out onto the prepared work surface. It will be sticky and lumpy, with lots of sugar that has not been incorporated yet--this is normal. Dust your hands with powdered sugar, and begin to knead the fondant mixture like bread dough, working the sugar into the marshmallow with your hands. 5. Continue to knead the fondant until it smooth out and loses its stickiness. Add more sugar if necessary, but stop adding sugar once it is smooth--too much sugar will make it stiff and difficult to work with. Once the fondant is a smooth ball, it is ready to be used. You can now roll it out, shape it, or wrap it in cling wrap to use later. Well-wrapped fondant can be stored in a cool room or in the refrigerator, and needs to be kneaded until supple before later use. 6. To add coloring to your fondant, flatten it into a round disc. You might want to wear gloves to avoid getting food coloring on your hands during this step. Add your desired amount of coloring to the center of the disc, and fold the disc over on itself so that the color is enclosed in the center of the fondant ball. 7. Begin to knead the ball of fondant just like you did before. As you work it, you will begin to see streaks of color coming through from the center. Continue to knead until the streaks are gone. Satan Morroc: 1. Wear gloves and sculpt the head, arms and body. Make these separately, you wanna cover them up with fondant individually before attaching them to the whole body using tooth picks. 2. Spread the frosting all over the sculpted rice crispy treats, this will act as glue to secure the fondant. 3. Wrap the fondant around the rice crispy parts. 4. Use toothpick to attach the arms and the head pieces to the body. 5. Use the remaining fondant to add the wings (black fondant), eyes (yellow fondant), mouth (white and black), spikes (with chocolate chips) and horns (brown fondant). I placed mine under a black and brown construction paper to mimic Satan Morroc's Resurrection spot.
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