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  1. XyrisZephyrantes

    Refined Rudra bow vs Refined Ballista bow

    Thanks for the reply, elijahsp
  2. XyrisZephyrantes

    Refined Rudra bow vs Refined Ballista bow

    Guys, which one is a better one to rent? Thanks
  3. XyrisZephyrantes

    Filir humun, is it any good?

    Hi guys, 95% of the time I see Vanil being used. I rarely see Filir. Is it good to use for farming? Btw, here's my Filir's stats. Please let me know if they're okay. Thanks!
  4. XyrisZephyrantes

    Pa help po mga koya

    Hi guys, bago lang ako sa RO. Meron akong lvl 76 Wiz and literal na wala akong gamit. Meron akong bronze coins pero 25 lang. Yung Copper ko naman is 30 lang. Meron ba akong makukunan ng items na hindi ako gagastos ng malaki? (maliban sa NPC armor vendors haha) Kasi gusto ko sana makabili ng mga gamit kaso tig 2m+ ung mga nakikita ko. Any tips would be highly appreciated.
  5. XyrisZephyrantes

    We are accepting newbies.

    Pasali din mga sir. ign: Blacksign