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  1. Hello everyone. I think the consens in RO is that the go to classes to farm are sniper, sinx/stalker, LK and maybe whitesmith, so mainly physical damage dealer.There are a lot of reasons why that is, weight and all that, I get that. But I like to play caster, always did, and wanted to know if there are places where I can make decent zeny/hr, even if not compareable to geffenia. Esp playing ME priest is fun to me, but I love wiz too. Just added prof to the list because Id play it too, although I got no clue where and how. Any suggestions? not sure if abbey with ME priest is good money, but maybe there are other/better places, give me some inspiration. Have a nice day.
  2. Hattori

    BB LK Vialable?

    Im not a swordman, or knight, expert, but in WoE knights were broken 10 years ago, cause they are decently able to go into enemy precast, rush wiz line and spam AoE spells with debuff mailbreakers to screw enemy precast. Not sure if damage dealing is legit too here with MvP cards, custom weapons n stuff, but its probably better to just go the debuff-tank route until you can afford high upgraded weapons, megs n stuff. PvM they are obv broken, AoE, tanky, no sp issues thanks to GEC, peco, cant ask for more. Knights ruled over iRO restart, a server with 99 max lvl but a mix between classic and renewal mechanics. It should be the same here.
  3. Hattori

    Lvl spots HW

    Farming your own gloves for own use is fine but dont go there to farm money, glove is the only real good drop and it drops awful cause of crap like sting hat or silk ribbon. U can get lucky obv, but it wont happen a lot.