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  1. just please give us some seal replacement before the actual SQI revamp, being lockd out of progressing for almost half a year now is pretty annoying...
  2. The new official euRO (1 year old orso) has already less people online than talonRO, with a lot of them being bots. If you are a private server with more active people than the only official EU server youre still doing pretty good Id say, esp if the EU server is a year old and the private server 12.
  3. Yea, Seiren answered me in discord, if anyone cares, they dont know yet, might be they change the stuff required to create SQIs, might not. Be water my friend.
  4. Hello, hope this question is okay. Could someone tell me if the ingredients needed to make the SQIs are subject of change? Revamp wouldnt incline it (to me), sounds more like stats or the enchants of it being tweaked, right? Or could the items needed to create them change too? Than I wouldnt bother now trying to collect them, if not, I could farm them in advance to be ready when I can create and enchant SQIs. Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. Hello. So about the investment system, it already exists on other servers, maybe some heard of it. Investment System The rough idea is to make the server donate an amount of zeny to open another guild dungeon level, for each small donation you get a ticket which you can redeem at a machine. It will give you a random item, mostly consumeables and mats to brew, craft, make poisons and the like. All of this, the amount of z per donation, the reward for the server if the goal is reached, if it has to be reached one time or once a month, per 3 months, etc, all up to you. Same for the rewards for the tickets, mats, pots and all that stuff, your decision what to implement and in which quality. Benefits would be to have a zeny sink (if this is what the server could use, its pretty old but I cant judge if it would be a good or bad thing) and a way to get more mats and pots on the server. I dont know if theres a huge farm community on this server who actually enjoys farming those everyday need stuff for the server, but party play and PvP/WoE consumes a lot of this stuff and making it more acessable to people with lower funds, being able to spend more than just meat and grapejuice in partyplay without worrying about deciding between consumeables and the next item upgrade, is a good thing, I think. This as well, I cant really judge if this would hurt the server in a way I cant see, so if it does just ditch the suggestion :p Another thing would be to have something the server works for together and enjoy the benefits, maybe not guild dungeon levels (as WoE isnt that popular here right? not sure), maybe a custom dungeon that anyone on the server (or maybe anyone that donated at least x amount of zeny, idk) could join, maybe something different, maybe even nothing at all and just take the zeny sink with some mats as exchange, if the server could use it. And another little thing. Selling 0,03%-0,09% equipment drops to the npc if they serve no use feels so bad, vending them for 50k forever and wasting vending slots feels bad too, maybe make those low drop items vend for some thousand zeny? 5k? Just a minor thing, can be ignored too xD
  6. Ye I know how you feel, I farmed for the past 6 months and didnt spend it on anything to get at least 1 of my chars into the endgame range and make it my main (after mainly getting mid-gear stuff to get by on those chars I playd without rly having a dedicated main) just to find out that without the quests you cant do anymore you cant even enchant the SQIs even if you buy them for such a high price. Sucks to be closed out of that content and I know the problem that you kinda feel like a burden to groups, at least if you want to play a DPS, not having SQIs isnt as severe for supports/tanks, but if you want to play DPS, not having SQI feels like getting dragged along, as most people have multiple SQIs already and stuff like megs/bris as well, which most people who get their first SQI probably dont have. We can only wait tho, GMs are doing all this in their free time and having the responsibility for the balance of a game with this many people playing is hard and I would rather delay stuff myself than risking severe problems with the game. As long as they got it on their near to-do list, Im fine and will wait.
  7. Im just happy and grateful that they got it on their sights and will work on it in the near future, if it comes this year nice, if not thats fine too, if its coming Q1 of 2020 thats good enough for me.
  8. I guess the GMs took notice that new people not having access to valhalla hardblocks them from progressing into the "end-game" state, hopefully they focus on this now. Kinda killed my motivation as well when I found out after months of hardgrind in geffenia that I cant really make use of the zeny I grinded :p Im looking forward to anything that enables me to access valhalla in the future xd
  9. thanks for the clarification ❤️ And from what Ive heard a lot of people really dislike the new mobile game, as it seems to be heavy p2w, like most mobile games as far as I know. Might be they get bored of it fast and return
  10. Nice community, enthusiastic GMs, custom changes that keep the game mostly the same but make sense and improve it, no lags, no bots, no (big) bugs, no "elite" that rules the server with god/MvP items, to me its encouraging that you can farm the zeny for MvP cards and most other items in a reasonable amount of time. Stating criticism here is dangerous, if you word it a tad too harsh you get told to leave the server :S I often see 750-900 people online when I log in, might be bad times (Im from EU), dunno, but II think the numbers arent as high as they were back when I started here 1 1/2 years go. I dont have enough knowledge of the server to give solid advice on how to change it sadly, as GMs offer a lot of events and actually read everything we write on forums, thats really good things. Maybe ask the community if they have ideas, and ideas that are easy to implement might get lookd into, idk. Iduna turned some people down from what Ive read in ingame chat, but others say its a long term investment so better stuff will be able to be implemented in the future, maybe that will be enough once those updates hit, dunno.
  11. yea, pretty much what I did. I mid equipd multiple chars like champ (to farm DG), super novice (to farm mavkas), a caster set for my hwiz/prof/hp and a set for my sinX, sold the novice and champ stuff now to be able to buy my first SQI (as I have no acess to valhalla), but figured out that I need acess to valhalla to enchant it so I will not do it atm and wait for the changes that I heard about. So you could say Im about to start getting the endgame equipment, Im gonna be broke again after buying the SQI, and I will still have quite some farming ahead of me after I get it. Not even sure which class my main will be, will decide that once Im ready to get the SQI. Currently I work around with devi dragon mant, GEC shoes/eddga tidals, normal elemental armors, Celebs, that kind of stuff, wouldnt call that endgame so improving these will be the goal after the SQI. ^^ And yea, I do take breaks, sometimes Im hyped and farm 2-6 weeks pretty consistantly, sometimes only a few days very hardcore, and sometimes a month or 2 not at all. Thats why I said I play other games too, cuz Ive done the RO stuff so long that I NEED the breaks to stay motivated.
  12. I didnt say anywhere that Im not allowed to state my opinion, I just got attacked for it and, admitedly sarcastically, "apologized" for having one thats not in line with yours or Mawanmeabeab2. I have no endgame equip after 1 1/2 years and was asked if I actually play the game or just sit around afk and chat. I explained why I do not have gear worth 500m+ after 1 1/2 years, partly because I play multiple games, like steam offline games, WoW, LoL, overwatch, MTG and more, and I also get exhausted at time from the grinding process, maybe because Im on and off doing it for 1 1/2 decades now with some years break in between, if you guys enjoy grinding, thats perfectly fine with me, Im happy for anyone that still plays this old game which I obviously must love else I wouldnt have put 1000s of hours into it in my life. You call me toxic on a misunderstanding, thats fine. You probably misunderstood my rough estimation on how much time you need to invest to grind your engame equipment as "whine", maybe thinking Im some new player whos complaining about it. I can tell ya, I did this twice on euRO, once on arabicRO, once on iRO and now on tRO, I know what Im dealing with and I know the benefit of the hard work you put into it, having the feeling of achievement. It was just to give a reason as to why I didnt rush to endgame standards in, idk whats common here, a year? less? Sorry if that made the impression about not being fine with the gear-progression in RO, just wanted to make clear that it takes time even for people who are not afking and chatting most of their time ingame, as Im no such person at all. I spent 90% of my time on this server in niffl1, sleeper, mavka and geffenia (on a low equip sinX with kahii), maybe not perfect, but far from casual chatboy. Hope this isnt toxic.
  13. I've played on officials all the time in the past 15 years, why? Because I love the end-game that RO has to offer, the grind to get there always was a chore to me. Idk if there are people that actually think Gathering mob -> pressing button -> loot -> flywing -> repeat for hundreds of hours is actually fun, if so, good for them, to me, its not. I like the part of the game where you actually have to use your whole arsenal of spells with a group of people engaging against MvPs or other players, thats what I love about RO. I never stated that I dont want to spend so much time on grinding (so your whole argument falls flat), I just said that it takes longer for me than grinding my chars to high lvl (on this server). Someone said it shouldnt take long, I explained why it does for me. I also never said that I want the server to be different, I just said that I personally think of the early grind that enables you to participate in endgame as boring, yea, MY BAD for having an opinion I guess. I didnt state that I dont want to spend so much time in a game in total, just not as much in 18 months, as Im not only playing RO. Details matter my friend.
  14. First I said that I think making money is harder than making exp. Than someone said "making zeny is easy how u not endgame equipd in 1 1/2 years", then I explained how. I got it tho, you love to tell people that they can go somewhere else if they have anything to say thats not "OMG EVERYTHING IS SO GREAT AND AWESOME!"
  15. 250m for a SQI Item at 2m avg zeny is 125h playtime, just dumb, boring, grind. Now add the zeny of all the other stuff you need to be somewhat endgear (easily 200-500m+++ depending on class), thats another at least 100-250h+ dumb, boring grind on top. Might be youre the type of player that only plays one game, as do lots of others, Im not such a person, I play different games, so investing like 250-400h++ into a game in 1 1/2 years is not something I do. And thats pure grind time, so your actual online time would be a higher as you need to sell, run to places, occasionally do other stuff like quests, chat, etc. And "daily voting" is gone, cash betty gives u 440k zeny each day, not bad, but enjoy farming endgame equip with that, in like 3-5 years you are ready2go, seems awesome.
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