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  1. Wonder why they dont offer this option in browser on real PCs :X will check eventually, ty.
  2. ...but you only can use google pay with a credit card, so it doesnt really do anything, even if you could use PayPal like that. Or am I missing smth? Thought the point was to give people without a credit card a way to donate, guess not, but why even bother adding it in the first place then. Dont get me wrong, its your decision and all, I know that, but I thought it enables people with a debit card to load money into their paypal account and use it to donate (so theres no risk for you they charge it back), but if you can only use GooglePay if you got a credit card, you basically just enable people who could donate before to donate now as well but give google their information in between.
  3. +8 ASPD is 8x6 Agi no? if your ASPD is high without dopple it gives a lot of value iirc.
  4. minus the time you spend on buying 85k GNs for 3,5k each and the time you spend running from kafra to NPC over and over again and breaking up the GNs. I think most jobs are more fun than that and wield easily 10x as much profit if you spend the money on talon coins But if this method seems fun to you, legit advice, it does wield profit.
  5. 30 mastelas, 30 blue pots, 15 rings per avg in 6 min? xd fosure. 30 mastelas per avg, lucky but possible, okay. 15 rings per avg? Weeeeell, if ur only there when its empty and RNG heavily favours you, you might rarely be able to get a few more but often if RNG doesnt favour u u might only get 7, 10 or 12, so 15 per avg isnt reachable for most players. And the blue pots, idk how you made up these numbers, I always get between 5 and 15, never 20, 30 per avg? Seriously doubt it. All of that at once per avg? Doubt lots of people are as lucky as you.
  6. thats because lots of maps are pretty big and have low mob density, on top of that anti mob protection, using emotes to break aggro making mobbing a pain in the ass on most maps. Noone bothered to fix this, so people were forced to go on maps that offer the highest value.
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