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  1. mpthree

    [Farm] Elemental Stones

    I never knew this. Thanks for this info! but I still need to make a creator for this though
  2. mpthree

    [Farm] Elemental Stones

    Elemental stones, such as Red blood, are essentials for a utility Sage to cast Endow skillls and for Smiths to forge elemental weapons. However, it is not always easy to gather a bulk of these. What are the ways to efficiently farm for these elemental stones? (i.e. Wind of Verdure, Red Blood, Crystal Blue, Green Live; Rough Wind, Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Great Nature) Has anyone already made a friendly guide about this? Lastly, which maps do red mushrooms and black mushrooms spawn at a decent rate and in a way that they are grouped together? (since these mushrooms drop red blood and crystal blue, respectively, at a high rate) I know that there are spots where these mushrooms spawn closely to each other, making it easier to farm from them. Additionally, if I'm not mistaken, mushrooms do not spawn randomly in a map, am I right? So, which spots are the best? Thanks! Comments and feedback are appreciated regarding this post.
  3. mpthree

    2 weeks new !

    hi! i'm 2weeks new as well. see you in game! [Main: Lv.90Priest; Sub: Knight, Bard, Sage, Alchemist, Rogue]