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  1. Currently we can search by merchant name and in the selling store searches we can see location and name of the shop and what not. I suggest to make the shop name clickable to go to the inventory of that merchant/shop. Sometimes I find people selling sets or a wide variety of items (like sqi bonuses) and I want to see their whole shop. Oddly, you can search by merchant name but when you search by item you don't get the merchant name, only the store name, so you can't just search the store name to get the rest of their inventory. Simple suggestion. Thanks for making a great server !
  2. Talrand

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    There was fun times
  3. Talrand

    TK Ranking

    thank you for the information! I've never attempted to rank anything (lack of dedication or lack of motivation, call it what you will), but I'm feeling good about this time around!
  4. Talrand

    SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    I didn't know they were going to overhaul the sqi bonus system (or sqi's in general)... is there an update thread about that somewhere? My search didn't show anything specific
  5. Talrand

    TK Ranking

    youch! thanks for the info. Where could I find that so I don't pester the forums with obvious questions?
  6. Talrand

    TK Ranking

    Hello I've read the guides and understand the basics, but I'm confused and haven't seen anything about how they (or if they) reset or diminish. I noticed that I had done 4 missions one day, came back, did another and it said I was again at 4. Does it go down daily? Thanks for the info!
  7. Talrand

    How to Make a Taekwon Ranker in 7 Days

    I'd love to see a ranker fight sometime. I haven't had the pleasure yet.
  8. Talrand

    Are you Ready for the Seals Quests?

    It depends on who you go with. We've completed prontera seal with a Soullinker Linked giving us buffs and stuff, and it was unique and fun. If you have a party and group of friends open to a flexible slot, do it. However I must warn you a few things: Seals are really unique on this server. They're 6 party, challenging maps usually with a few MVPs, some of which requiring some tricky positioning. A lot of it is understanding the seal first and having a great grasp on the game, and amazing gears second. I play wizard. A lot. I don't have insane overupped gears but I've read a lot and tuned my HW to produce massive damage and have practiced a lot to position. I carry prontera seal with strategic IW, well placed storm gusts for running through the garden, etc. I failed prontera seal, with fully upgraded SQI, twice before getting the hang of it. It's more than just gear. If you don't want to play those characters, fine. Just understand that some of the end-game play requires those classes. Let's take me playing wizard as the example again. I love ET. I rip through the first 78~ floors getting almost every MVP along the way, out DPS'ing the snipers in the party and doing insane crowd control. It's fun. It's my role and my jam. Then we get to higher MVPs and my role changes to just quag and safety walling the tank, and the occasional monster property. I'm no longer essential. Another example is HW is completely useless in Manuk seal. There's no one character that's going to perform this type of end game content, but most can find a role. Creator as a supply carrier and AD can be helpful in the seals (as mentioned above). I'd add that in pront, you can AD the Wish Angel at the end, although getting close can mean death depending on what you're wearing. The most disappointing part I have to say is that end game content, like seals, require a certain threshold of gear (as mentioned above). You have to have gtb, marc, and other gears. It isn't a luxury item like sleipnir, it's literally sink or swim. The good news is, although a hefty investment, these items are used in all end-game, MVP content (ET, GMC, seals!), so it's a great investment! I bought the seal service the first time going through the seals. I asked a lot of questions. Go make friends, try out seals, challenge it. There's no disgrace in failing. Ask questions. Learn more. Have fun. It's not a race to end-game content, but if you're seriously wanting to get your sqi and bonuses, pay for the service. 28mil or so is way more affordable than the days or weeks it'll take to master all of the seals and the 100mil or so of gear required to be successful doing so.
  9. Talrand

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    One bonus that makes a big difference is the 13% ASPD. You wouldn't think it does a ton, but it boosts your ASPD into the 188-190 range with an awake potion (with your carding, DDDr), which really does improve skill spamming. What is your role in GMC? I have similar gears and would like to do similarly. You might want to experiment with Lady Tanee Sleips over GEC, just because if you're doing serious spamming GEC can't even come close to maintaining it, and with your build that'd be +5% Matk. I do suppose you'll lose the bonus SP from GEC, though. stemworm is nice if you ever want to farm, as you can easily reach 150 dex without buffs.
  10. Talrand

    Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    I got this seal service and I gotta say, professionalism at its finest! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, got to watch very clean and professional play, got pointers and tips along the way, and felt completely like a noob compared to these stellar players, and felt like I could even be a little nicer to everyone by their shining example of being kind, punctual, and quick. Cost is about as much as I expected, that is to say, it's a professional service so it isn't free, but you really are getting exactly what you're paying for. All in all, 10/10 and loving my SoM
  11. Talrand

    Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Hello! Curious about this service as I've never done seals before and would like to get into upgrading SQI's / more end game play. Can you send me a PM?
  12. Talrand

    Back in my day...

    thanks I think I will. on topic: The specialty jur, because you're crit based and will have some luck, won't proc very often if ever so it's not much of a draw back. There's a lot of variety in good Katars. One big thing I noticed compared to older servers is that elemental damage and buffs are much more desirable than pure aspd, and that doppels are not required in some cases to reach 190. I am no professional assassin player so I won't comment further on that, though...
  13. Talrand

    Back in my day...

    I played on AnimaRO a long time ago too. I don't think this is the server from that server because my old login accounts don't work at all...