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  1. Talrand

    Back in my day...

    thanks I think I will. on topic: The specialty jur, because you're crit based and will have some luck, won't proc very often if ever so it's not much of a draw back. There's a lot of variety in good Katars. One big thing I noticed compared to older servers is that elemental damage and buffs are much more desirable than pure aspd, and that doppels are not required in some cases to reach 190. I am no professional assassin player so I won't comment further on that, though...
  2. Talrand

    Back in my day...

    I played on AnimaRO a long time ago too. I don't think this is the server from that server because my old login accounts don't work at all...
  3. Talrand

    Absolutely New

    thanks all I've been having a great time on the server thus far!
  4. Talrand

    Is this a good build for Geff farming?

    wow that's really interesting!
  5. Talrand

    Beginner Sniper with 200m budget

    As a follow up question, let's assume no SQI with similar budget but wanted to go more autoattack... DTTT or DDTT comp bow? I'm a little lost on how you can milk the most value out of a bow with a doppel, and I've seen triple doppel weapons all the way to no with 190ASPD all the way with fully geared snipers... if you can't get all the gear to get up to 190 or a very similarly high ASPD, is it then when doppel 2x is worth it? I'm a little lost.
  6. Talrand

    Sniper Gears for Mavka

    This looks like a solid build and not too expensive minus the GEC. I was also looking at Mavka build for a hunter and this seems to fit the build nicely... Not wanting to hijack the thread, but do you have a suggestion for non-trans for armor/garment?
  7. Talrand

    Absolutely New

    thanks for the info, guys! I've always liked assassin but I know how hard it is to push to 99...
  8. Talrand

    Absolutely New

    I played RO when I was younger (maybe six years ago?) on a few servers. I don't remember much of the game, but I wanted to join a brand new server that I hadn't experienced before and hopefully find a lot of friendly faces. I honestly stopped playing because the servers I had played on just felt very individualistic, and to me the best part of the game is to party with people like you, chat and play the game. I'm hoping to find my spot in this community -Talrand Similarly, I wanted to ask for advice for first character/how to start out. Every server has it's own 'newbie help' system and I haven't found a ton of what that looks like here on TalonRO. Also which characters/how do people generally earn zeny, start off right, etc.? Thanks!