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    @Mosjoandy Thank you for your reply! (: I will join the discord and try to engage myself with the community (: Yes I was thinking about making a Hunter Class but also I've been thinking about a Mage Class as well and yes particularly Sage Class. Are there any guides in the Forum for Hunters or Sages (Like EQ and Stats and stuff) & Lastly of course my end product, I would want to join a guild when Im worthy or strong enough, I do enjoy participating in WoE (: Thank you again and you've been extremely helpful (:
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    Hello Everyone! Im new to this sever and I want to introduce myself my IGN is Chiefy/ChiefTen (Chieftain) and the last time I played RO was when I was 8 years old back in the Philippines when you need to buy a card to play a certain amount of time. I miss those old days and to be honest I miss RO. What brought be back to playing RO and why TalonRO. First I really miss playing RO and I miss grinding out levels. I miss the party system where you and some random strangers are trying to level up at payon dungeon (Yeah old skool right here ). Why Talon, I saw that 1500 players still playing RO really got me in the mood to playing this game again & also a friend of mine recommended this server because of the friendly community. If by any chance you are reading this post, I have a question for you. See I'm trying to decide on what class to pick, my personality likes to play solo and sometimes when someone is need of help, I would consider partying, but I would say 70-80% of the time Ill be grinding out solo. Now what class would be best for me to grind out solo besides swordsman. Hope to see you all in game pretty soon (: