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  1. Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    Thank you a lot sir
  2. Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    Is just some of them appear to be at ma_fild but I dunno where is that?
  3. Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    I am new here. Where do I get all this drops? :/ By the way thanks for the guide. <3
  4. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Okay so I just trascendent and I am a high mage. The path is still long but there I am going. I realized that for what I wanted HW was more useful and believeif one day I have billions to spare I could always make a full woe prof. Thanks
  5. Mor than one account

    I am really struggling with the account things. I am maining a HW. Should I marry him to one of my chars? I was planning on getting 1st: HW, Farmer, Merch 2nd: HP, Linker, Endower, Minstrel 3rd: Linker to link linker 4rd: Autotrade merch
  6. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Wll after thinking a lot and reading a lot I believe I am going HW. Apparently HW is accepted in paties for everything and I love that. Hope I have a good time, and well I am just getting my first trascendent with no cash so it will be a long way
  7. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Wow, that was a nice answer thanks a lot! I still struggling between both lol. I am almost trascendet.
  8. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Ohh ok (shame about 1v1 PvP lol). Well for WoE I would be FS as it seems fun but the idea is to be able to do bolter or hindsight in order to do different stuff. My other concern is if as a prof I can go in a party to ET and if yes what build is needed there. Thank for your help guys this have been really good help.
  9. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Well, I'm struggling with one thing. I am actually thinking on going professor as my main as I love pvp (1v1) and WoE and I like a class that can be damage and that cab go for support and love that control fact of the professor. My only problem is that I believe I would like to go eventually to ET or maybe go hunt for and MvP. Is there a spot for a professor in that kind of stuff? I know HW have a safe spot in ET and MvP is just that he don't have all that control I like of a prof. Thanks a lot for answers to this. I am enjoying a lot the server so far.
  10. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    This is crearlya hard choice. I like the fact of a High Wizard dealing tons of damage but being just able to be a damage dealer for my main role looks dunno, maybe repetitive (correct me if I am wrong) and professor looks more versatile in the fact that I can act as a damage dealer (not as strong as HW) or a support for WoE and stuff. The fact of being fully geared or not is not a concern, I don't mind farming a lot to fully build as it will be my main. But considering that here the focus is more PvM oriented dunno what to do. The fact of being a support in WoE actually seems fun for professor as it bothers a lot! I believe I can permit myself to struggle a bit till I master professor lol.
  11. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Sorry to ask (noob) but what is IC? Instant cast okay lol Well I like the fact of being able to be dps, rock in pvp and also be a support. But it is good to do massive damage lol. I understand the main focus of this server in pvm right? If being that so I believe High Wizard would be better but dunno if I am wrong and there is also some people doing battlegrounds and WOE constantly.
  12. Mor than one account

    Hello, I started playing here this week. I have read some articles saying that it is good to not have just the account with my main and farmer but also create other for merchant and other for a buff Priest. I wanted to know if that is true and what classes should I put in those accounts and if that is legal in the server don't wan't to get banned as I start. Thanks a lot. Zeviru
  13. High Wizard or Professor (New here)

    Hello everyone , My name in game is Zeviru, I am new to the server although I created an account long ago. I am currently struggling a lot because I don't know what class to choose as my main. I always play magic class, always. I have been reading about both professor and HW and about their playstyle but can't decide which is a better class for this server so I write this post in answer to this question. I don't expect a fight of which is better just wanted to know what you guys belive suit me better. I like casual pvp but what I prefer is WOE and battlegrounds and some MVP but in party not solo and also going from time to time to hunt for items or stuff but the idea is primarily to play WOE and Battleground and a class that won't get boring and repetitive. And also if u tell me a class what is a good way to start it as a main in here? I created an stalker to farm. I would really appreciate answers explaining the why for your suggestion and hope to have lots of fun here. Thanks a lot.