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  1. KriszkeHU

    Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    I'd like to take slot 2.
  2. KriszkeHU

    HW Thor03 Solo

    If you truly want to sell thor3 solo leech, I can't really recommend using hell poodle. Use Sting Bris for the extra def + stat points over celebs, and CWP to keep yourself alive. You can also play around with the SoM bonuses, get range reduction, max HP, or even both to help yourself keep alive.
  3. KriszkeHU

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Dewata Failbox would like to take the 2.30 pm slot.
  4. nab

    1. Lieca


      @KriszkeHU aw first one comment here neb :P