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  1. But if you can view the calc I made using TalonRO Calc, that is without SQI bonus. That's why I'm asking if that is accurate or not. Because according to the calc, without sqi bonus, you can still 2 hit buses in Geffenia using Sherwood [TTTH].
  2. Hello, Since seals are disabled until further notice. Is it worthy to buy Sherwood Bow [TTTH] to this time? Since, I want to use it to continue farming in geffenia. May I just know if this is accurate? I made calculations in talonro calc without sqi bonus (since I can't get bonus yet because of disabled seals). https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43DisKxCgIxEMKEw6HCp8KywrDClhMPbA7CrkrDt2/DiMOGw5zChgQxwprDs8OtNcKFw6/DoAczTDHCnsKTXCXCsMOKwozDiBlBJsOjw57Dn0HCixbCv0A4w7BzM8OoScOdw5Naw7bCucOVw5h1wovDrsO1woDCkcOwRcOCMB1nwqk2w7o4w7bChcKdf8OxAQ My build only needs Soul Link buffs. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm thinking where I can spend my 250m. Sherwood or just other eqs that I need. Regards
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    Hi. I'm not new to RO. Been playing RO since I was 13 years old. Lol. I'm 23 now. Turning 24 this coming October. I did a lot of WoE's PvP's in different servers. I also owned a server before but that didn't last long. I started playing Talon last Monday and I'm happy to say that THIS is the best server I've ever been through this 10 years run playing RO. Like, everyday, you got a lot of things to do and the people here are awesome! To be honest.
  4. pnkmlks


    Hi everyone! I just started playing TalonRO since Monday. I'm Justin. Nice to meet you all!
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