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  1. Thanks guys, I will give them a try tonight
  2. I went farming in Stings for almost 7 hours and go zero cards or gloves...... is there a way to increase drop rate or is it just by chance you get them lol
  3. Spenceeeee

    B> GEC Shoes

    Buying GEC SHOES In-game name: Draakon Spenceee Let me know your prices or leave a message here
  4. I’m a level 91 hunter, not got the best gear but I do ok in prison etc. where is best place to loot and level?
  5. Spenceeeee

    B> 3x Rotten Fish

    Looking for 3x Rotten fish (For Quest)
  6. We are both the same level
  7. I know this has probably been asked lots of times. how do I get party exp and item share? I’ve made a party but will not let me click on “party setup” to change from each take to share. Someone else tried to make party and some problem. Any suggestions?
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