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  1. Hi there Talonro ! I wish we could sort items in the "selling shop" database by categories (like we do in the item database) For example, when I'm looking for some slotted armors, I wish I could check "armor" & "slot =>1" so I can look at every kind of slotted armors. Because there are armors out there that I dont even know about. I recently discovered the "Amry Padding" item (by typing "DEX" in the search bar) and I wish I knew about it sooner ! What do you guys think? Is it doable?
  2. kazou

    Communauté Francophone - Bagarre et Compagnie

    Nouveau QG : Ayothaya ! Hier nous avons fini notre première ET !! En espérant vous voir pour la prochaine
  3. kazou

    Can I use this?

    http://forums.irowiki.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=38 Is it legal on Talonro?
  4. kazou

    Bagarre & Compagnie

    Nous attendons le retour du messie : Anis. Anis reviens , aniiiis revieeeeens, aaaaniiiis revieeeens parmiiis les tieeeeens ~
  5. kazou

    Communauté Francophone - Bagarre et Compagnie

    Salut ! Bien sur, tu peux nous rejoindre quand tu veux ! (j'ai déja validé ta demande sur le site)
  6. Hi there ! I'm looking to trade some stuff ! I have a +4 saints robe [MDEF+4] with a Bathory card that I want to trade for a bathory card + 2M (or 2TC) or sell 7M (or 7TC) A +4 Puente Robe + Pasana card that I want to trade for a clean Pasana card ! (or sell 5M - 5TC) Also, I have an INT+1 Mitress (red glasses) that I want to trade for another INT+1 Mistress but with another skin. Same thing for my Fancy Hat Kaho that I want to trade for another Kahos !! I up for negociation. If you have something else to offer, dont hesitate !!!
  7. Hi everyone, I hope someone from the dev team will answer this. At least a little. You guys talked about revamping Battlegrounds and HBQ. What is in the works? When do you think it will be released? Please give us a little something to wait for. Tease us.
  8. kazou

    Hey hey salut !

    Salut Comme tu peux voir la communauté francophone est en vacances actuellement. Ça devrait reprendre à la rentrée je pense. Nous avons une guilde pour réunir le plus de francophones possible du serveur : Bagarre et Compagnie. On squatte à Gonryun donc n'hésite pas Sinon tu as encore plus simple : https://discord.gg/mVFvRRh En espérant jouer avec toi bientôt !
  9. kazou

    Bagarre & Compagnie

    Oui les gens c'est important de venir sur le discord en ce moment. J'y suis quasiment toujours connecté. La guilde est pas très active cet été mais c'est normal c'est les vacances, les gens sont à la plage ou prennent le soleil sur leurs balcons ( c'est mon cas ) Rejoignez nous quand même, venez sur le discord et je pense que les activités vont reprendre en septembre ! J'ai déjà 2 amis IRL qui vont débarquer en septembre et on va faire la bagarre comme jamais. Bonne vacances à tous en tout cas PS : Viendez sur le discord !!
  10. kazou


    Yo les gens n'oubliez pas y'a aussi Bagarre & Compagnie, on a déjà un ptit groupe de quebecquois parmis nous
  11. kazou

    Full Support HP - What should I do next?

    I'm trying to have a good build to follow my guild/team around almost anywhere. For now, my current build allows me to ET/Seals/GMC/Thor/DG/Abbey ... you name it. It's not optimal but it gets the job done (IC for quick buffs, I dont die a lot thanks to eddga + 97 total vit, and I heal at ~2 - 2.2k). I'm a very very casual player so I never farm/sell leech (which I could since I have rosary + divine cross + spiritual ring combo and I deal ~28 - 33k/ME with 99 int on necros) so I get money through parties and voting (my kahos are a birthday gift from my best friend.). My pally friend is mining a lot so he gives me gems from time to time. Right now, we are trying to enchant +3 DEX puente robes.
  12. kazou

    Full Support HP - What should I do next?

    This Strob Recovery Wand looks amazing. I need this. Is it hard to obtain? I usually never BG but I was planning on trying it after the revamp. I was planning on saving for another orlean's gloves + sting, then see if I have enough dex to use another weapon. Celeb Rings are way too expensives for me, I'm a very casual player I almost never farm or sell leech. PS : I already have a Waving Winter Scarf so I'm good