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  1. Hi there Talonro ! I wish we could sort items in the "selling shop" database by categories (like we do in the item database) For example, when I'm looking for some slotted armors, I wish I could check "armor" & "slot =>1" so I can look at every kind of slotted armors. Because there are armors out there that I dont even know about. I recently discovered the "Amry Padding" item (by typing "DEX" in the search bar) and I wish I knew about it sooner ! What do you guys think? Is it doable?
  2. I like to ask for something, as a super casual ro player. I wish there was a game mode with 0 gears. Like when you start, you are naked and you talk to an NPC who ask you for what you need (bow for snipers, spear & shield for pally, etc etc), then you get a really basic weapon and that's all. Just a fun mode for casual players who just want to have fun but dont really have the gears to compete
  3. It's the fact that multi-account is tolerated. No one needs to make parties anymore. The huge majority of players in TalonRO are experienced players who rely on dual/triple account to farm items and xp. When they need help they ask their friends/guildmates for duo parties. Forbidding multi-accounts, make instanced party only dongeons with a better xp and increasing the xp gain from each member in a party would solve the problem IMO. But unfortunatly, it would change what TalonRO is. And it would piss off a lot of people. This server likes to brag about its has a big online population*. But 1/3 are vendors, 1/3 are people playing by themselves or with a few friends and the rest is afk or is partying in abbey or odin. EDIT : I was a little too harsh.
  4. I got the +12 HIT because of how inexpensive it was. The +DEX are very very expensive. I didnt wanted to get a +DEF because i'm already super squishy. And I have a shield. A Thara Frog carded Naga Scale Shield (that i can equip with a DEX Kris if needed) Also, I have a question for you guys. I'm lvl 61 job and i cant put Preserve, Full strip and Double stafe. I have to pick two. So far i have Chase walk lvl 5 Double strafe lvl 10 Strip armor lvl 5 I cant get everything. What should be my priority? Full strip? Preserve? Double Strafe? Wht would you do with 60 skill points?
  5. Alright, with your help, I think i finished my build AND it was not very expensive ! Top : Feather Berret (Almost free because the quest is easy) Mid : Masquerade (200k) Armor : Glittering Jacket +12 HIT with marc card (~ 8-9M) Weapon : Catapult Hydra x2 (~ 5M) Garment : Noxious SOV (~ 10M) Shoes : Variant Shoes (~ 1M) Acc : Nimble Bradium Earrings (~ 8-9M) I got the +12 HIT enchant because it was a cheap enchant (same price as a regular glittering jacket) and the HIT buff will be useful. I also got the Catapult because of how cheap it is (~ 1-2M). I know it less effective than the regular +10 composite with HHSS but ... it's so nice. So in total, my build cost ... hmm ... between 33 and 35M ! Thanks for your advices ! ... AND SEE YOU IN BG YOU MOTHERHECKERS !!
  6. Thanks for this answer ! Can i use this occasion to ask about full strip? When i tried it in pvp (for fun, not geared, with friends) it almost never worked. How many DEX/HIT i should aim for? Are there special tricks?
  7. Salut les gens ! Oui nous sommes toujours la. Mais nous ne sommes pas très actifs sur le forum ! Rejoignez nous sur discord : https://discord.gg/exmJ9T5
  8. Hi everyone ! I'm trying to gear my stalker for the upcoming BG update. I want to go vanilla because i dont have the money to build for unres. Keep in mind that i dont have a lot to spend (20-30m?) I was thinking about doing a Bow BB Stalker. So far here is what i have or want. I will put what i have in bold, and what i want in italic. Upper : Feather Berret Mid : STR card? Low : Nothing Right/Left : +10 composite bow hydra/hydra/skel/skel and thara frog naga scale shield to swap with. Armor : Marc Glittering Jacket Garment : Noxious SOV Shoes : I dont know. Verit? Green Ferus? Acc : Zerom Gloves So now, a few questions : - There are cheap composite bow with 4 hunter fly cards on the market. Should I get one? It's much cheaper than the HHSS composite and it could be fun. Does hunter fly card works with double strafe? Bowling bash? Is it a fun pick in pvp or is it totally useless? - What armor should i get to swap with? Is ED useful in BG? - Is there a cheaper alternative than the gloves[1] ? It's really expensive... - What about the shoes? Valk? what card should i put in it? - Is there a useful card to put in my STR mid? Thanks a lot guys !!
  9. I have re-installed the game and it still disconnects. My computer have been acting funny lateling since a windows 10 update. I will look into it, it might not be ro-related.
  10. Hi everyone, I just came back on Talonro but my game keep on disconnecting. I have like a 5-10 minutes window where I can play then I get DC. I dont lag more than the usual. I have windows 10 on a lenovo computer. An i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz. 4GO of RAM and a 64bit OS. I use windows defender (who has been acting up lately... maybe it's a clue) Thanks for the help ! I will try to re-download the game and see.
  11. Hi ! I'm selling blank regular LkH (no skin) for only 53M ! Also, I'm selling a +4 Deviant Wool Scarf for only 22M ! PM : Kazounet (or send me a letter)
  12. Nouveau QG : Ayothaya ! Hier nous avons fini notre première ET !! En espérant vous voir pour la prochaine
  13. I like the idea and the problematic here is relevant, but IMO not the solution. For me, the way to make TalonRO more newbie friendly (which is a real problematic IMO) is to implement a better rental system. Because I dont think we can code your idea, and a revamped rental system would do the trick. I firmly believe we should be able to store rental boxes to use them with other chars. I believe the prices should be lower. I believe we should be able to rent elemental gears like armors and stuff, and we should be able to rent high end items (rental deviling garment, rental kahos, rental sting acc, rental shields, ...) ... And this HAS to come with a rework of the hunting board quest (bigger rewards, bigger list of monsters, more choices, more rewards if done in team, MVPs, ....)
  14. http://forums.irowiki.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=38 Is it legal on Talonro?
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