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  1. Hi there Talonro ! I wish we could sort items in the "selling shop" database by categories (like we do in the item database) For example, when I'm looking for some slotted armors, I wish I could check "armor" & "slot =>1" so I can look at every kind of slotted armors. Because there are armors out there that I dont even know about. I recently discovered the "Amry Padding" item (by typing "DEX" in the search bar) and I wish I knew about it sooner ! What do you guys think? Is it doable?
  2. Hi everyone, I just came back on Talonro but my game keep on disconnecting. I have like a 5-10 minutes window where I can play then I get DC. I dont lag more than the usual. I have windows 10 on a lenovo computer. An i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz. 4GO of RAM and a 64bit OS. I use windows defender (who has been acting up lately... maybe it's a clue) Thanks for the help ! I will try to re-download the game and see.
  3. B A G A R R E & C O M P A G N I E Hi everyone ! We are the new french speaking community on TalonRo : Bagarre et Compagnie (litteraly, Brawl & cie) We have a discord, we stay at Ayothaya (frenchiest city in TalonRO if you ask me) and we hire everyone. There is only one prerequisite : you must speak french. --------------------------------------------------- Bonjour tout le monde ! Nous sommes la nouvelle communauté francophone de TalonRO : Bagarre et Compagnie. On a un discord, on squatte à Ayothaya (une ville bien franchouillarde, si vous voulez mon avis) et on recrute tout le monde. Il n'y a qu'un prérequis, vous devez parler français. --------------------------------------------------- Discord : https://discord.gg/mVFvRRh QG : Ayothaya Devise : La Bagarre Motivation : La Bagarre Inspiration : La Bagarre La Bagarre? : Toujours. RENDEZ-VOUS SUR CETTE PAGE POUR NOUS REJOINDRE !
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