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    Divagations of a causal Sleeper hunter

    Only recently I came to have a Rogue/Stalker fo farm sleepers, so i'd like to share some ideas for the newbies to how to gid gut at them without actually being that good xD 1) Moonlight Dagger + Fire Endow is a very nice weapon combination, especially with... 2) Earth Deleter Card + (Pantie/Undershirt combo) or (Padded Armor + Armor Charm combo) Those two circunstances together (1 and 2) almost ensure the highest BB spamability for a newb, poor rogue. The deal is the following: BB all way through 30% SP, then melee the SP up to almost the max, hitting them in a Triple Combo build fashion. Yeah, that easy. Bring a lot of meat, though. lastly, 3) Zombie Slaughter shoes is surely underrated, and serves better than a GEC for life-recovering issues on the main mob farming. 4) Hyegun Card, Wanderer Card: you can go full newb like me and aquire a Hyegun Card for all-class +15 FLEE bonus. Aditionally, you can go Wanderer, as a Thief-based Class. "But hey, am i not going to be teleporting around too much?". Yes and No. You see, it only activates for melee, non-skill strikes so, you'll have to use BB when you want to kill a mob. When killing a sole Sleeper, just melee him until you have 50% SP, then BB it to oblivion. EXTRA TIPS: - for mobs, always use NIghtmare Card headgear and Dark Blinker. You'll thank Odin for not having FLEE and HIT diminished. - for FLEE, always 180+; for HIT 110+ (considering lv 60-79 chars, it means you should get some cards...) FAQ: Q: Why not a Fire Damascus? A: You'll run out of SP quickly, and will have to resort to using Grape Juices constantly. Q: Isn't Moonlight Dagger's ATK is too low for Sleepers? A: If i'm not mistaken, Bowling Bash'n with a +4 Fire Endowed MDagger, with 70~80 STR, deals about 800 dmg. Fire Dama is about 1000 dmg. Not actually that different, if you are on a budget. BUYING PRICES = Moonlight Dagger = 1m on market, 40(?) Bronze Coins Earth Deleter Card = about 500k~1m Zombie Slaughter Card = varies a lot, but doesn't go over 300k Hyegun Card = 300k~500k Wanderer Card = 200k~500k --- that's it. pretty poor guide, but hey, it's here. ENJOY