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  1. GM Venus


    Welcome! For your convenience, just click this Link.
  2. GM Venus

    Old player, new server!

    Thank you for choosing TalonRO! You'll never regret your decision. Welcome to the server!
  3. GM Venus


    Wow 14 years! Anyways, welcome back to RO @Tyrianis!
  4. GM Venus

    This server is dope

    Thanks for the positive feedbacks! Indeed we are doing are best to provide everyone a smooth and happy gameplay.
  5. GM Venus

    RCX question

    No. The Server Rules specifically state that, "Botting, hacking or any use of a third party program is strictly prohibited."
  6. GM Venus

    Hligg's doing sketches [FULL]

    Beautiful sketchies~ Looking forward to having a slot.
  7. GM Venus

    Hi im new

    Welcome @wesleykerker! Kindly refer to this links Class Discussions Guides TalonRO Wiki Guilds Forum
  8. GM Venus

    Back to Talon RO, I guess...

    Welcome! I'm glad you still remember your old account. Please do enjoy your stay here.
  9. GM Venus

    New Boys in the town

    Hello and welcome! Glad to have you here!
  10. GM Venus


    This thread belongs to International Discussions. If you want to post it here please use English language instead.
  11. GM Venus

    Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Congratulations all!
  12. GM Venus

    Can I use this?

    No. Everything that give players an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed.
  13. GM Venus

    Patcher closes and the login screen dont pop up

    Hmm so you're using windows 10 as well, I wonder why 10 users are likely to experience the problems.?
  14. GM Venus

    Hey, another old player coming back

    Wow glad to have you here! As for the class, you may try each one first and then decide later on what class you're goin to stick with. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  15. GM Venus

    New Seeking Friends and Family ^_^

    Welcome aboard @Chrollo! Indeed the community here is 100% friendly so don't hesitate if you have anything to ask. Be sure to check out our Wiki as well.