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  1. GM Venus

    Back Again

    Welcome back @Negan! It's really nice to see old players coming back to play again. Hope you enjoy your stay here and see you around.
  2. GM Venus

    Hello, New explorer right here!

    Welcome to our lovely server @Wolv! If you're looking for people to play with feel free to check the guilds section of the forum for any guilds that are recruiting. Hope you enjoy your time here. See you around!
  3. GM Venus

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day Five

    We have our winner! Congratulations @kuraido kindly PM me your desired GM box.
  4. GM Venus

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day Five

    Hello my dearest Talonians! The dreadful winter is almost lifting and we will be able to go out and smell the flowers (and try not to die of hay fever) once again! And with spring comes some exciting things, nice weather, birds chirping, heaps of sunshine and eating yourself into oblivion on Easter. So I would like everybody here to join me on an spectacular Easter Egg Hunt! The Hunt will last two weeks, and we will have one winner per day, so there's plenty of prizes and chances to win for everybody. Never been on an Easter Egg Hunt? Well it's simple! The Easter Bunny hides some eggs around and all you have to do... well, find them. Easy right?! I'll help you guys out. I'll follow the Easter Bunny around and see where he hides his eggs and, take a screenshot for you and post it here. Then, all you have to do, is go to the same exact location, type in /where, take a screenshot of yourself where the egg was hidden and post it as a reply to this post! The first one to do so wins the prize! ✧ Rounds will be held daily, from today all the way up to Easter; ✧ You may only submit ONE entry to this post; ✧ Participants for the last round may not participate on the immediate next one, however they can participate on the next one after that; ✧There will be one winner per round; ✧You may enter simply by posting a screenshot showing your coordinates to this topic (use /where to show coordinates on your chat box); ✧The first person to post a screenshot on the exact or nearest coordinates of the egg location will be considered the winner; ✧Add your IGN to your post; ✧You can't edit your post, so make sure you have your coordinates on your screenshot and the TalonRO logo visible. Edited posts will not be considered for potential winners. ✧ Carrot in Mouth ✧ GM box of your choosing ✧ 100 Eden Merit Badges
  5. GM Venus

    Sanctuary skill

    Moving thread to 'Acolyte' Class Discussions
  6. @GM Mikzie is currently streaming the Battleground beta test. Click the link below to watch it live! /lv


    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Yey! Thankies! <3
      Link to past broadcast here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240123392
      For those who missed the live stream.

  7. GM Venus

    TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

    OMG this one is super cute! Please keep your awesome entries coming!
  8. GM Venus

    The Eden Group

    This is indeed amazing! Kudos to @GM Phoenix and everyone who made the Eden Group possible. Cheers TRO!
  9. Thanks for joining the event! /lv


  10. GM Venus

    Tagalog Tutorial :3

  11. Hello @kini be sure to have a quest guide with you to avoid incidents like this. You can find one on TRO's wiki. Good luck!
  12. Sink or Swim leftovers! /heh Thank you for joining! /lv


  13. Valentines Day wedding of Rinoa and Gino with the gang! So sweet! /lv 


    1. Rinoa Heartilly~*

      Rinoa Heartilly~*

      thank you all so much for placing much time and effort in our little wedding. I hope happiness, health and more love to you all ^_^

      it was you all that made our wedding special.

  14. GM Venus

    looting Pets

    No, that can't happen here. Everything that give players an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed.
  15. GM Venus

    Game character creator problem

    Just stay online ingame and wait, the tuxedo has its own duration.