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  1. The Wyvern

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    D.manteau is a waste from my opinion. Cause ur sniper will probably wear sniping suit eventually. (No more dragon set bonus) I'll prefer just find a simple muffler (cheaper) and slap the dragon tail card in it. As @NattWara said, kill the monster before it get to you, so (ventoss) flee mehhh This guide surely will encourage more new player like myself to play sniper
  2. The Wyvern

    Help farming strat...

    Avoid the clash with mini demon, should be no problem to have flee for angels. As for geffenia LKH is great for the STR,DEX & INT (core stats). ALWAYS STEAL IF CAN (that's what thief is :p) As for me, I only stay while the blessing buff is on Don't push yourself to much. Maybe you can do like 1 hour geff and then somewhere else or other char to entertain yourself. You can also socialize with your mates from guild or town
  3. The Wyvern

    Help farming strat...

    Firstly what is your equip? Maybe you can share here so anyone can give you some advise. How's your gameplay? Do you have slave buff from SL and HP? The aim right now is how much you can get per hour. People tend to go to geffenia because they can efficiently farm better there than other place. In your case maybe you can go some other place first eg. Mavka or Sleeper (popular map). Most important is don't do something that you don't like. Feel free to explore map that you comfortable with. Yes, the income may be less than geffenia but you can slowly climb to the top with no stresses at all. Cheers.
  4. The Wyvern

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    try using the japanese calc, work fine for me
  5. The Wyvern

    Help with Star Gladiator

    Hello there, Welcome to TRO, you can check People are discussing on overall SG build
  6. The Wyvern

    Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    For weapon you can refer this https://wiki.talonro.com/Malangdo_Enchantments
  7. The Wyvern

    SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    Great idea. Maybe you can elaborate your points in Suggestions Section. Sure the GMs will look forward to it
  8. The Wyvern

    SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    Hello there, To answer your questions; Q1) All character same account as character A can enter Vahalla . Q2) All character same account can enter if you meet the level requirement (not require to rebirth/trans). Q3) Bonus sqi stat/effect only applied when you equip the sqi (when unequip the stat/effect gone). Cheers
  9. The Wyvern

    Questions reguarding leveling as a Rogue

    Hello there, welcome to the server! Rogue can be excel on leveling solo Check out here https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Leveling_Guide or here with benefit hewhew https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Zeny_Farming_Guide
  10. The Wyvern

    Antonio Toy Factory Guide (Xmas 2017)

    At last, thank you for all the effort
  11. The Wyvern

    Question about GREAT NATURE farm!

    I want to write this but man I'm slow typer
  12. The Wyvern

    So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    If your main target is golem, I suggest shield boom (can be use with ice pick).
  13. The Wyvern

    So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    if you don't mind multi client, try park your priest and sl at portal
  14. The Wyvern

    So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    I've seen someone using shield boom tactic, but he also avoiding centipedes
  15. The Wyvern

    And the lucky number is... [Week 4]

    23 IGN : S-Hekate-