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  1. Shendel

    Cheap gear for an AD bio

    can't get any cheaper than rental excalibur (+10 int bonus) for a whooping prize of 60 bronze coins (or 0 zeny).
  2. Shendel

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    150 dex vanilla ninja is also fun for pvp/woe/battlegrounds.
  3. Shendel

    How did you decide your main?

    I used to main a champ because comboing was fun but changed to alchemist because it suits my lazy personality more. AFK all day everyday.
  4. You gotta have a lot of free time on your hands to actually play this game for more than an hour a day.
  5. Shendel

    Advice & General Direction

    For now, you can upgrade your fin helm to advanced finhelm. Just talk to Reno at eden hq 2nd floor (he's near the stairs). You can also upgrade your eden armors to give extra stats and your eden weapon to get +% bonus to atk or matk and +% bonus to certain race of monsters. You can also try joining battleground matches and save coins to trade for medal of honor (swordsman). It gives good stats. The assaulter spear is a great anti human weapon when you become a paladin and have access to skills like martyr's reckoning and rapid smiting.
  6. Shendel

    LK Kiel Dun

    You can get very strong anti-human weapons from battleground but sadly I don't see people going there anymore.
  7. Shendel

    Blacksmiths can't make Zeny? Obsolete?

    When you're just starting, it's hard to level a merchant on your own. If you dual client using archer/magician/acolyte and leech it to become alchemist then all you need is some zeny to buy embryos and hope to get a vanilmirth homunculus on your first summoning. Then just let it kill everything and loot eveything.
  8. Shendel

    Good Farm/Gearing for Acolyte?

    EDEN gears will take you a loooooong way. Ask people for help on !recruit you're bound to get into some parties doing the quest and maybe even make some connection along the way.
  9. Shendel

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    100% mana cost reduction sniper for the lulz. You can spam true sight all day everyday.
  10. Shendel

    Knight quest is broken?

    That's strange. I always follow the irowiki Knight Job Change Quest guide and I didn't have this problem.
  11. Shendel

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    At level 85.
  12. Shendel

    Question about Assassin equips

    It'd be great if you could put estimated total cost for this set. Anyway, here's my cheapskate sinx build to give you some idea:
  13. Shendel

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    Those mobs in the 3rd video...you can wipe it out with no trouble using a battle hp with bapho carded kaleet. Stun will proc 100000% everytime you swing that frying pan.
  14. Shendel

    Battle Priest Viable for Farming?

    Buy base lunakaleet (no upgrades or cards) and whack plants in yggdrasil trunk (map outside nif skellington).
  15. Shendel

    Where could I farm as a Priest? (Gearless and Non-Trans)

    You could also upgrade your eden gears to the highest tier and with bonus enchantments. Every little bit of stat counts. Also, make another character on another game account and dual client. Just semi-afk at monster race and check on it from time to time. It may be random, but there will be days that you'll win multiple times in a row and cash in on a few talon coins from your copper coin winnings. As for job class recommendation, I highly recommend you make an AFKmist as your semi-afk monster race gambler. Once you hit 2nd job and get a vanilmirth, leveling will be a breeze and hassle-free. When you trans it into a biochemist, you can also do literal farming by playing farmville with plant cultivation. Your high priest will be the most ideal harvester of the plants for optimal drops. Lastly, maybe it's just me, but I find rare drops like cards, etc. to more likely to drop while you are AFKing as an alchemist. Just my observation based on my personal gaming experience though.