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  1. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    It looks the same as the one you found in poring island.
  2. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    You'd probably have 120 maxed out characters all with seals and SQI bonuses, 3,900,000~7,500,000 TCs, infinity-1 zeny, and all the items that can be legally acquired by the time you begin to actually "unravel" this "mystery".
  3. Archer Skeleton or Skeleton Worker card for farming?

    I will use it no doubt
  4. Sanctuary skill

    For weapon, I'd go for dex+8 erde mace. It has about the same effect as a +7 staff of recovery but with extra dex for faster cast time.
  5. HW Thor03 Solo

    My suggestion is simple. Try to make friends with other players of the same timezone as you. You already tried playing duo with your friend so you know that it works. Thor volcano isn't meant to be played solo. There's a reason why this game is multiplayer. This is the easiest solution. If you really want to solo there, invest on ranked slim white potions for regen and carry ygg seeds for emergency healing. Don't just depend on kaahi. Get more vit. Eat dex+5 food. Do the repeatable strange hydra quest for a free dex+5 and vit+5 buff.
  6. Soulbreak and Incantation Samurai Cards

    I will completely trust your video bro.
  7. Soulbreak and Incantation Samurai Cards

    Need video to prove that it really works.
  8. Just wondering

    Imagine if someone bought all the TCs from other players then started selling them for 2m each. With the server active for more than 12 years, I don't believe something like this never happened before. Maybe TC used to be half the price (500k) before but someone rich bought all the TC and started selling it for 1m each then.
  9. SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    I don't think they can return it to the way it was before (make SN equip all one hand sword, axe, staff, dagger). They could, however, make elemental sword a level 4 weapon so that the SN can equip it. It'll only take a minute. Tops. But even that one is doubtful because it would affect gameplay of other job class and the already expensive elemental sword will become even more expensive.
  10. Stand Alone Complex (190 int)

    You can always carry one around because it's easy to get(the boots, the double int+2 is another story) and has 0 weight.
  11. SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    I think it's because tRO is actually renewal but is customized to work like pre-re. It worked for the most part but for things like the SN spirit link, it will only allow you level 4 weapons just like in other renewal servers.
  12. Advanced Safety Ring

    I meant equitable all things considered. The idea of a slotted accessory that gives a lesser kyrie buff is actually pretty good but it's unreasonably expensive and time-consuming requirements makes it undesirable. I wouldn't call it getting cheated, more like getting teased. Yes, nobody forces me to craft it but it doesn't change the fact that it's there and I want to make one. Everyone appreciates the time and effort the GMs spent on the customization and implementation of Eden Group. I for one am very grateful for it (the eden mace iii is very good for farming sleepers with my main). I've seen the other weapons and gears part of the Eden Group update get some minor tweaks and only with this one gear I have some objections (mainly on how expensive it is for its supposed function). I don't think I'm the only one who wants to try this ring out but is discouraged by its ingredients list. Unlike the other gears, this item didn't just got tweaked; it got a major overhaul.
  13. SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    Let's petition the GM Team so they make SN able to wear Elemental Sword.
  14. Advanced Safety Ring

    But that's the thing, new content is supposed to be stronger. That's why the original effect of the Advanced Safety Ring is supposed to be +10 def, +5 mdef, +1 all stats, and slotted. I understand that you can't possibly leave it at that so you have to tweak it somehow to balance it. In doing so however, you have to consider also to balance how much it costs compared to other items which gives similar (or superior) effects and how difficult (or time-consuming) it is to get it. You may have overlooked that part. By removing all those juicy stats (and adding a debuff) but making it act like a lesser Amon Ra (no +1 allstats, lower kyrie level and chance to proc), it would only be fair to replace all those other slotted accessories with an Amon Ra card as item requirement. Currently, the item is like this: Safety Ring [0] 5.5m Ring[1] 1.5m Earring[1] 9.5m Rosary[1] 1.5m Necklace[1] 1.5m Brooch[1] 8.5m Glove[1] 5.5m Total 33.5m (time and effort to farm energy crystals not included) As they are in demand also for SQI creation, those items prices won't change much. So you have an accessory that acts like a minor Amon Ra but is almost as expensive as a celeb ring. Compare this item to something similar but more popular accessory: High Priest Card 13m~ish (12tc) Cat Hand Glove 10~100k Total 13m~ish (no time or effort to farm energy crystals! yay!) TL;DR The item's current stats doesn't justify the item cost and difficulty of acquisition.
  15. Non Trans Vanilla Sonic Blow [Baby Sin]

    Yes, there is a major thing you are not thinking of that would make your PVP life better. In PVP you either kill or get killed. If you just want to get killed, go there whatever job class you want. If you want to kill, try to optimize your character. This includes taking all the advantage(s) you can get. Now compare a baby assassin and a sinx. Gear-wise and skill-wise, their killing capabilities is like heaven and earth. You play the former if you PVP to get killed, you play the latter if you PVP to kill. But if you just want to PVP with fellow vanilla babies (for a fair fight), consider the rental masquerade over bk/vanberk mid. It may or may not give you more boosted damage.