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  1. Shendel

    Best weapon for Gunslinger?

    Best for killing all kinds of monsters, even boss ones. I like the idea of Lever Action crit build. I think I'd try that one.
  2. What's the best weapon a gunslinger can get here? And would it be possible to include them in malangdo enchantment?
  3. I think aegir cloak +50 sp is also good and it is slotted so you can put deviling card in it for def or stem worm for more dex.
  4. Shendel

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    The problem with your analogy is that in this server, certain custom items (kahos, sqis, etc.) make HSCRsmiths obsolete. Specially if compared to a fully geared sniper. Or in this case a fully geared LK. Technically, LKs do have the superior skillset for farming but vampsmith is more popular because of the hype the guides made and people who swear it's super effective and efficient. Lastly, as much as it pains me to admit it, I am one of those people who like to tell others what they should do and how they should play. I always tell players to play a class and style that they enjoy the most regardless (or because of) ts efficiency.
  5. Shendel

    Where are all these bows?

    Falken Blitz? Giant Crossbow? Dragon Wing? I keep searching [on the market and selling database] for these bows everytime I log in but I can't even get a glimpse. Do they even exist at all? Edit: Ok so I saw 1 seller of Giant Crossbow but dude, wth? It's op af.
  6. Shendel

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    Aside from increasing HIT, DEX also increases your minimum damage so it's not a bad idea to invest a couple of stat points. Rental weapon is highly recommended for beginners. Make use of the !recruit channel and party system. It's also easier for newbies to level and farm as an alchemist compared to playing blacksmith if you have a good homunculus AI.
  7. Shendel

    For-fun build Stalker & SinX

    I farm at ghp with my champ too. I'd post a video but I suck at editing and too noob to learn how.
  8. Shendel

    Bolter Champ Build

    @SerafinoVII pm'd me about my bolter champ build but I'm too noob to learn how to PM him with the screenshot so I'll just post it here. Also for the benefit of anyone interested in playing a similar build. Enjoy~ 😁
  9. Shendel

    New Monk Player

    I got this combo elemental bolter champ build for the lulz if you ever get bored of the other builds and have farmed your main gears already. I'll PM you the screenshot when I get back to the game.
  10. Shendel

    Best Asura Weapon after Suiken

    Already did the calculations and all things considered, it goes like this (Vanilla Setting): +7 (2xHydra) Erde Mace [+100sp double] > +7 (2xHydrar1SkelWorker) Kaleet > +7 (2xHydra) Carga > +9 (2xHydra) LBW
  11. Shendel

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    It looks the same as the one you found in poring island.
  12. Shendel

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    You'd probably have 120 maxed out characters all with seals and SQI bonuses, 3,900,000~7,500,000 TCs, infinity-1 zeny, and all the items that can be legally acquired by the time you begin to actually "unravel" this "mystery".
  13. Shendel

    Archer Skeleton or Skeleton Worker card for farming?

    I will use it no doubt
  14. Shendel

    Sanctuary skill

    For weapon, I'd go for dex+8 erde mace. It has about the same effect as a +7 staff of recovery but with extra dex for faster cast time.
  15. Shendel

    HW Thor03 Solo

    My suggestion is simple. Try to make friends with other players of the same timezone as you. You already tried playing duo with your friend so you know that it works. Thor volcano isn't meant to be played solo. There's a reason why this game is multiplayer. This is the easiest solution. If you really want to solo there, invest on ranked slim white potions for regen and carry ygg seeds for emergency healing. Don't just depend on kaahi. Get more vit. Eat dex+5 food. Do the repeatable strange hydra quest for a free dex+5 and vit+5 buff.