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  1. LF> People's advice: What to get next

    When I I made sniper, I planned on getting overupped evil marching hat (or the flapping version). At +7/8 it boosts your SS by 12% and at +9/10 it will boost your SS by a whooping 23%. It's slotted so you can put BK for more damage or gryphon for more crit. I did some calculations and came up with 2x bow thimble (ifrit) giving you more damage output than 2x bris (ifrit) if you used the evil marching hat. I replaced the emh with kaho and the 2 thimbles with 2 bris and the damage is lower https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiakbCaGbFabaLAkabwnhfnfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaahkeDwieDwFlhhPlzgElJgZfLh6fLh6jjkjajkkkkfkkkabaaakaaaceyfaaafqaabaaaaaaaaafaaaaaHaaaabataxayaA
  2. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    Is what I'd aim for as ninja and use blazing field for crowd control and cicida skin shed for escaping ambushes. Just spam flaming petals and you'll kill everything in that map. Only problem is your SP so you'd need a lot of gj. It would be interesting to try and go there as a swordsman class but I think I would only be able to do it with high tier or end game gears to make it plausible and less annoying. Even with ninja you can still die and with swordsman class I'd die even more and I just hate dying and losing exp.
  3. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    I see your point. I just thought that since he spent time to make an account and actually play the game and seems to like the server, he'd at least support it like the majority of players does (through voting). Or maybe he does and he already has IC gears but just uses this build?
  4. There's a slim chance that kind of suggestion will be entertained, it's unlikely to be implemented, and the chances of me winning said event is astronomical. If I managed to get +9s already, I'd have a better chance of getting a +10 on my own.
  5. Thank you so much. I love you. Please marry me?
  6. The person who started this topic wins.
  7. Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    With "average" irl luck, he can get that +10 hairnet after 1 million tries.
  8. Where is the MMO?

    Only way to really force people to play together is if all the monsters in the server are located in areas that can't be entered unless you are in a party of 5 or more players. The party is fixed shared exp and loots, and no one is allowed to multiclient, autovend, or AFK for more than 1 minute (AFKers are automatically kicked out of the server).
  9. I wish there was a feature that will give you a guaranteed refine success after the 1000th try or the 9001st try
  10. What does LK excel at?

    They excel at farming common loots. The most versatile class in RO.
  11. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    I wouldn't even dream of using swordsman class when farming those maps. If I did, after my 10th death, I'd just give up and make a ninja so I can farm without much worry. That being said, It'd be interesting if you get the SQI spear with bonuses for your LK and a pair of megingjards. You should be able to afford it since you started playing here way back in april 2012. Through voting points alone, theoretically, you should have at least 800 TCs by now.
  12. Hunter LVLing

    I leveled my archer>hunter to 99 in tamtam regions. If you did the quests to job change and did hbq 7x a week, you'll have enough bronze coins to rent ballista and a pair of gloves. Farming while gaining boosted exp.
  13. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    Hi, I'm not really sure about your chars, I'm leaning on the priest in geffen but based on my experience when I was starting, it's faster to farm in tamtam regions with a hunter using Double Strafing and rental ballista + elemental arrows. You can even kill champion monsters with cheap attack boosting gears.
  14. Gear

    I'm sorry but I find this statement hard to believe when looking at your profile and it says you joined the server since way back in april 2013.
  15. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Shouldn't you have instant cast by now? I figured since you joined the server on september 2015, you should have at least 300 talon coins from voting alone. More than enough to buy gears to help you get IC (150 dex)? p.s. I'm just a curious cat, please don't kill me