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  1. Shendel

    Geffen Dungeon Problem

    Was just trying to do my daily pet evolution quest when I entered geffen dungeon level 1 and got stuck in crash-hell. I'm not sure if a GM helped me unstuck my char as I requested it to be returned to its savespot which is central Prontera but it got warped to Payon instead.
  2. Shendel

    End game Combo Champ Build?

    There's one just a couple of posts below yours.
  3. Shendel

    Upper Costumes

    I would like to suggest these 2 classic hats be made into costumes: Apple of Archer Costume -and- Eggshell Costume. Why am i suggesting this There's already an iconic hat made into a costume namely the Poo Poo Hat Costume which is a literal steaming pile of shi excrement not to mention the hundreds of other less desirable sprites that were made into costumes (this one is pretty subjective I know) but I think it would be swell to make a costume versions for the first 2 hats I mentioned as well. That, and I know a lot of players who share my sentiments. The costumes can be made available through Monthly Costume Box, Event(s) or even from Rental Master. Please take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you for your attention.
  4. Shendel

    Evolved Pets Question

    Do you lose intimacy if you die in PvP/WoE or just in PvE/PvM?
  5. Shendel

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    I don't understand the stats how come some level 99 evolved vanils has high def but lower hp compared to other vanils with lower def? I was under the impression VIT gives the def and HP for vanil
  6. Shendel

    Best Magic Ninja Weapon?

    The Malangdo Rental Fish Weapon seems the most promising.
  7. Shendel

    Lvl spots HW

    October 2017 to September 2018 is not 5 years or more. Having said that, upgrade your armors to +4 for more def and consider getting deviling card to put in your garment,
  8. Shendel

    Summer 2018 Tam Tam's Tiki Bar Prize List

    Day 30: Rainbow Cake 2 ea
  9. Shendel

    Sage/Prof Weapon Endow

    Nice. Too bad it won't work on party members' merc. I've read through the stuff and it seems other things work uniquely with them as well. That provoke casting mercs might prove useful for certain situations.
  10. Shendel

    Autocaster/Melee/ Battle Professor Survivability

    So he can hit mobs with high flee and instead of using stat points on dex, he can just use it on vit then some str or luk. Edit: I just read about the skill and it seems like it does cast even when it misses. Hmm... even more reason for me to consider making a sage. In that case, a drake card would be more ideal in case he also wants to switch build and play a water baller prof.
  11. Shendel

    Sage/Prof Weapon Endow

    Planning on making a Sage while leveling together with a merc and wondering if this skill also works on Mercenaries.
  12. Shendel

    Bolt Professor Vanilla Equips (NOT BATTLE!)

    I'd like to know this stuff too but for a different reason.
  13. Shendel

    Autocaster/Melee/ Battle Professor Survivability

    Invest on Tome of Ymir carded with Doppels and Phreeoni and with bonuses 10% MATK Ignore Gemstone Requirement. 20% HP 13% ASPD
  14. Shendel

    Bronze coins

    Tam Tam map is your best bet but you can also win some bronze coin ticket from the Daily Slot Machine located near the warp point in Eden HQ. Or if you find a special poring called "Bronzering" it will drop a lot of bronze tickets.
  15. Shendel

    Bronze coins

    200 bronze coins per week to be exact, This is only limited to bronze coins you can get from eden board quest so technically you can earn 30k or more coins in a week using all methods available.