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  1. babylagator

    B> Vampsmith Gears

    Hi, I'm looking to buy the following gears: 1. Rideword Hat [Vanberk] 2. Mid Str [Vanberk] 3. FA [RSX] 4. Diablos Manteau [Deviling] 5. Sleip [Eddga] 6. HoB/Bradium Ring [Hell Poodle] 7. Thorn Shield [Hodremlin] Do pm me offer in forum. Thanks.
  2. babylagator

    B> Stalker Geff Gears

    Buying the following items: 1. Ice Pick [Doppel] 2. Dragon Vest [Gloom] 3%aspd 3. Dragon Manteau [Deviling] 4. HoB [Creamy] Pm me offers in forums thanks.
  3. babylagator

    S> +10 Main Gauche [DDTT]

    Pm me on forums. Thanks.