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  1. makobex0092

    High Wiz Farming capability

    Thanks a lot Nattwara for the input! That's what I was thinking. I might be a bit undergeared if I can only make 200M. Sigh. Then I guess it'll be best if i stick with farming in Geffenia for now even though it feels like a chore! Haha
  2. makobex0092

    High Wiz Farming capability

    Hi Guys! Been wanting to make a HW to make as my main. Been using a staller for farming geffenia but I really wanted to make a HW and play with a party for some ET or GMC. If I were to liquidate all my stalker gears I can get as much as 200M for hwiz equips. Im holding this decision for now since I want to know first if I HWs have the capability to farm raw zeny/hr? Which areas and how much per hr? I've read majority of the posts but very rarely do I see a figure on their average zeny/hr when farming as a HW. I dont mind if the zeny per hr is lower than a stalker in geffenia since I will be enjoying playing as HW. Just want to know the average per hr rate for HW excluding leeching so that I can decide if I would farm first a bit using my stalker. Also, how do you sustain SP as HW without GEC? When farming, I imagine that you will be at 50% weight most of the time. I saw many posts suggesting to get moonlight flower or eddga for shoes.
  3. makobex0092

    Autocast gears for battlle sage/prof

    Do autocast trigger skills proc even if your attacks miss? Same with autobolt?