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  1. Adrienaline

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    hi are you still recruiting?
  2. Adrienaline

    Best Spiral Pierce Spear for Mavka

    Hi guys I know this is a really old thread but was thinking of exploring this. With the AC delay if you had 150 dex would that eliminate the problem of the 2sec delay?
  3. @NattWara @Azgrim @howrah Thanks guys for all the tips! Would love to have a chance to play with you and learn more in game. May I know your IGNs?
  4. Thanks guys for the input. Just a recap on your advice @howrah: 1. Things I can possibly do now. Get 2 diff cards for books for Thor and Abbey ie alive for Thor and Hodremlin for Abbey. 2. Muffler with deviling for Abbey. What kind of muffler would be best used with the deviling? Beach manteau or NSFM. Lucius' Armor Good for Thor already. Where does LEak card come into play? 3. Mid headgear down to playstyle - Mistress card if I am going to be spamming safety wall. If not this was where I am a bit confused, vesper is used for Bosses and HW for normal mobs. What are the monsters in Thor classed as mostly. Boss type? If so then vesper is more suitable there? Or does boss type actually mean MVPs? Also wanted to clarify that range attacks whilst safety walled would still go through right. Only a Pneuma cancels this out? 4. Get four clover leaf in mouth instead of PCB? 5, Are celeb rings really better than orleans glove even with the +3%MATK? Sorry for the question. Noobie here Thanks for being patient
  5. Hi @Mosjoandy, @howrah and @Azgrim, First of thank you for the very comprehensive guide that you have put together here @Mosjoandy. I have read a lot of the three of your replies to threads and would like some suggestions. My current equip is: Top Headgear: LKH Mid Headgear : Robo Eye Bottom Headgear: Pirate Dagger Armor: Lucius Armor Volcano (no dex) Agav Card Garment : Stem worm muffler Weapon: Survivors rod (drops) Shield: Book of Charms (no card yet) Footgear: GEC Shoes Accessories : Orlean's Gloves (Sting) 2x Stat are as follows: Lvl 97 and Job Level :66 STR 1+23 AGI 1+7 VIT 12+5 INT 99+38 DEX 99+50 LUK 1+3 Basically, my questions would be: 1. How do I move forward and transition to end game content? I would like to farm at Thor and also solo Abbey. 2. Get more survivability and still keep instant cast with Staff of Magi as of yet. 3. Recommended skill usage at Thor and Abbey F3. Right now at Abbey F3 I can use 1 SG to kill necromancers, the problem as always are the zombie slaughters. I know some of you have recommended to get a shield instead of book of charms and slot it with a tirfing card. Others have suggested gold thief bug to avoid the magic damage being dished out in Abbey and Thor. For Thor from what I have been reading I would need a fire armor but I am not sure what card would be suitable. Also mid head gear vesper card or mistress as with mistress I would be able to spam safety wall. I understand it is about preferences so hence point 3 , would like some input on skill build. Looking forward to your responses, cheers
  6. Adrienaline

    How steal works for noobies =)

    @howrah Thanks a lot buddy for the share!
  7. Adrienaline

    How steal works for noobies =)

    Hi so was wondering what the conclusion was for stealing at Sleepers? Would that be roughly around 35 to 40 dex for GN?