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    Poring (WoE/Instances)

    There are many experienced woe players here. My first guild in tro is poring when I just start as a noob sin(without knowing can be cross trans) lvling around using npc gears without notice there is rental weapon or tamtam map for extra bronze/copper coins. I'm luckily that a member of poring offer free leech when I'm at lv 98 still killing high orcs with infiltrator(since nobody need a sin in a party) and make me able to reach lv 99 and trans. After some lvling session and to the max, I have been invited to poring as a noobie and I get to know this is a woe oriented guild that fits me so well. I met many kind and nice players here that guide me on farming gearing and some socialize. I'm feeling lucky to meet porings here and let's keep up the good works and slaughter some others vanilla guild 😉