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  1. Can we stop rewarding leechers in MVP Defence? Whole team is trying to kill/defend the mvp without getting rewarded while some random champ just decides to do nothing but collect tickets from boxes. This is just anti-fun.
  2. Whut da.. 3 Bronze in a row
  3. Indeed 'Bloody' Branch 'Bloody' Branch v2.0 Gryphon Fan Club ._. IGN: FishMonger
  4. Not the kind of DDB'S' IGN: FishMonger
  5. Panda Family 12x event IGN: FishMonger
  6. Mammoth Hunt ! After football match? CHAOS !! IGN: FishMonger
  7. Special event mob PVP mode enabled ! Raged by own teammate's clone IGN : FishMonger PS: was using my brother's account, is it legal to post 'his' ss?
  8. Christmas Love Family and Friends Quiz Fun IGN : FishMonger
  9. Warp Nowhere ? TNT pestle on my last 0.01% Naughty Abusing Alice IGN : FishMonger
  10. Thank you all GMs really had fun in the event, this year will be an exception year for 4 winners
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