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  1. Cheron

    Popo Draws Things ☆ [OPEN]

    Another slot for color bust pls o/
  2. Cheron

    S> Stuffs

    SQI Evangelist [3] Weapons +10 Specialty Jur [Doppel, The Paper] +10 Main Gauche [4] +8 Staff of Piercing +7 Mes [3] +7 Gale Bow [3] +7 Magma Fist [3] +7 Carga Mace[2] Armor Formal Suit [1] +4 Def Mantle [1] +4 Def +6 Mantle [1] +3 Def Glittering Jacket [1] +3 Int Glittering Jacket [1] +4 Mdef +4 Orlean's Server [Thara Frog] +7 Buckler [1] Cards Berzebub Card Turtle General Card Dark Lord Card Eggs Thanatos Dolor Egg Green Ferus Egg Zhu Po Long Egg
  3. Cheron


    Evang Drac or Evang Doppel?
  4. Cheron

    WoE: May 5th 2012 Video

    Howl haz Bewbz :-*
  5. Cheron

    WoE: May 5th 2012 Video

  6. Cheron

    WoE: May 5th 2012 Video

    This. <3
  7. Cheron

    Account Management System Support Topic

    that's not the case. i have 10+ alphanumeric.
  8. Cheron

    Account Management System Support Topic

    Just curious, why can't i use back my previous password? "Please use another password" , this message keeps popping out whenever i tried to use it.
  9. Cheron

    TalonRO World Tour

    T> Bronze to Silver
  10. Cheron

    TalonRO World Tour

    Whut da.. 3 Bronze in a row
  11. Cheron

    Vanilla Balance

    *cough* i forgot to mention i have to beg in midgard for it 8D
  12. Cheron

    Vanilla Balance

    Its not about the usage of Sting card, its about wasting 20m for the -2dex in this entire argument. People, get over with it, its 60m in my case anyway. Maybe you could put them on 2nd client-ed HP for warping purpose 8D p.s @Aceviper can i quote this in my profile? "Stay away from the sunlight while you can - I hear trolls turn to stone in sunlight." 8D
  13. Cheron

    Reason for banning sting cards in vanilla woe?

    Solution : Choose other class to use 8D
  14. Cheron

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #27

    Indeed 'Bloody' Branch 'Bloody' Branch v2.0 Gryphon Fan Club ._. IGN: FishMonger
  15. Cheron

    TalonRO Christmas Event 2011

    got myself bloody branch