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  1. Cheron

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

    Orlean sold, santa poring 800k ea
  2. Cheron

    S> Unusual CHEAP Cards and junks

    price for phen card?
  3. Cheron

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

  4. Cheron

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

  5. Your choice of activity in your free time is not relevant to the point that current voting system is flawed, though i must say your effort in improving the game/community is appreciated. This rant thread got the attentions of many and actually made 2 new winners, i would have to disagree that this rant isn't "helpful" in any way. Or should i rephrase that for you, only positive feedbacks are appreciated. On final note, apologies to the team if the word "Favoritism" offended you in any ways. Kudos to those who actually brought in constructive feedbacks to this rant thread and props to Seiren for staying neutral as always and responding in a calm manner. Peace.
  6. Using the same logic, participants with the most GM friends.
  7. Cheron

    Itou's Atelier

    Setting up camp here
  8. And she was added after this rant, Edwado has pretty decent pieces too, just look at those reactions from the community. But meh.
  9. How did a rant post made 2 more winners? Questionable, not sure if this will salvage anything. At least its a fun tournament for the Winners, i guess. Better to stay away from such event for future disappointment. Suggestion : Perhaps include community votes as well?
  10. Disappointing results. No offence to all the winners. A pet husky that outshine other participants that made actual decent costumes with effort, im lost for words. One Word. Favoritism.
  11. Cheron

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

    Sold some stuff, bump!
  12. As titled. Bris [Poodle] +7 Ebone Armor [+4Def], +8/9 Pauldron [1] +5 Sleipnir [1] / [Eddga] +7 Drooping Permeter DM here, or pm ign : FishMonger, -Vesper-
  13. Cheron

    ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Open]

    1 slot for chibi head ! and imma start off with the auction, 10m! auction ending on my bday :3 Tbh though, would really prefer to have it on fix price!