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    Not anymore!
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    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

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    T> Bris [Berz] to Bris [Osiris]

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    Phantasm Art Raffle ⯌⯌ Ended!

    Midgard Camp Place where i first met my awesome guild leader and peeps from the guild. Not to mention the awesome bgm too.
  5. DM me price thanks
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    S> PvM, Vanilla Gears

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    S> PvM, Vanilla Gears

    pm-ed 🙂
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    S> PvM, Vanilla Gears

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    Lvl spots HW

    Refer to this wiki for leveling spots. https://wiki.talonro.com/Leveling_Guide You've mentioned that you get instant cast with bless, i would assume that you have a priest/hp slave for buffs and heal. There would be plenty of choices to go with. I would personally suggest to try ayothaya dungeon 2nd floor, rachel sanctuary, eddga map, these maps offer decent exp and drops. For party play, abbey dungeon would be an ideal place to level up. I am not sure if you're aware of the ongoing summer race, it can be pretty profitable too. You can either race for basic/pro summer boxes or farm ingredients which are required for the race. Refer to the link below for full details. Good luck 🙂
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    S> PvM, Vanilla Gears

  11. Cheron

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    It depends on where you're farming currently. If your farming spot heavily relies on DS, sniping suit would not help much. You would need dragon vest to fully utilize the set bonus from dragon manteau, skip it for now. Doing Eden daily will get your rental ballista for the following weeks, it is the 2nd best weapon out there too. i would suggest to push for LKH instead. Have you tried farming in Sting map? Most of the drops are pretty decent for sniper, sting card, bow thimble, gloves[1], not to mention you can farm your own Elven Bow[1] there too.
  12. Cheron

    Mid-high range weapon for agi+crit knight/lk

    Krasnaya [3], Violet Fear [2], Tegron [2], Invoker of Death [2] are good options with cards slots that you can play with. Atroce's Blade [1] is decent for agi+crit build with limited card slot. Overupped Bloody Eater [2] is pretty good overall, downside is you have to endow everytime since it's ghost elemental.