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  1. Berkem

    Bingo enter numbers??

    We are still waiting for a fix... Can you let players sign up again if a game gets cancelled?
  2. Berkem

    Bingo enter numbers??

    At least let us join another round when its cancelled?
  3. Berkem

    Bingo enter numbers??

    Hi, I am working from morning to late night and having a rough day everyday. After work I take a taxi to home even though its 5 times more expensive than public transportation just to make it on time to join Bingo. I can play it only once a day. I get very excited when the minigame girl teleports me to Bingo event. I get inside and wait for other people to enter. Then, GUESS WHAT? Somebody doesn't enter 0 in the pop-up dialog and the Bingo gets cancelled. That means I need to wait for the next day... Is it possible to not ask users to enter numbers and just randomize them? By the way, I am senior game programmer and I am available to help if its needed. Thanks.