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  1. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    My IGN is ChuTime*
  2. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    In Idle it is ChuTime
  3. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    Sai, I can say the same . I just started maybe a few days ago haha. I downloaded Idle Poring on my phone, and thought why not check out the popular RO servers.
  4. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    What are the odds!
  5. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    Sai from ASTRUM?!
  6. ItsChuTime

    Hello TalonRO!

    Just started playing on TalonRO a few days ago and I am just amazed how many people are on this server. The last time I played Ragnarok Online was 9+ years ago and it was on AnthemRO. I plan to play moderately due to work/life balances and I look forward to party up with players to level up, battle dungeons, and ultimately join a guild. See y'all in game!