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  1. At Odin Temple 2 I should hunt for Skogul and Frus right? Sorry for bombarding you with so many question, and thank you for all the answer 😀 Btw if anybody else still wondering which build for ME, I think combo set is indeed the best in reasonable price range This will be my final build for ME : Personal build ME with DC combo set (add Sohee pet and dex dish+ 1 and you are good to go)
  2. Yes I do have LK for farming although it's a little bit slow because I enjoy lazy gaming lol, no need for efficiency as long as the hunt is easy and fun I think with my current budget I could go for a decent DC/SR/Rosary combo and all the necessary card. What do you think my next step is? I could think a few such as Bathory Holy Robe, Deviling Diabolus Manteau, and Valkyrja's Shield. How about the staff? Is there another one handed staff that can beat DC combo?
  3. I have a budget of 120m I would buy Deviling, Eddga, Mistress, and Teddy Bear card it will cost me around 70 million Then I would buy Holy Robe with bathory for around 20M. Should I buy double int+ 2 Dark Thorn Staff for around 30M or DC/SR/Rosary combo? Which one would be better in term of damage and survivability? Any other suggestion what should I change or buy? I think with this setup it'll be fine in Abbey too right?
  4. This is my first Priest, I am at level 84/48 Priest I tried to hunt at niff but my char is too squishy and the damage is lacking I already read many guide, most of them recommend to use DC/SR/Rosary set, should I change my celeb ring and my weapon to the set combo? My equipment :
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