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  1. looting Pets

    Ok, thx have a nice day
  2. alcohol

    hi, how are Talonians? I have a quick question, in this quest CYN 2018 (Hat), They ask for 10 pcs of Alcohol... I have 8 Normal Alcohol from plants, and I bought the other 2 to a player who made them... can i use this 2 kinds of alcohol to make the hat? thanks for your help. have anice day
  3. looting Pets

    Hi, I read some were that you can make your poporing be a looting , i mean that your poporing can pick up items for u. I read that can be customized in talonro, but how you do it? is not much of info about it, or at least i did not find it. thanks for ur info.
  4. Homunculus leveling

    Hi!!! I am new at training a homunculus... so I have a question, my homunculus is getting lvls up but her skills points are no going up with her... she only have 7 skill points and I do not understand why if she is lvl 22. can someone explain to me what is going on? thanks!
  5. how to make a Gild?

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are awesome! ty!
  6. how to make a Gild?

    Hi beautiful Talonians!!! how are u? I have read some were that it is not necessary to have an imperium to create a Gild in this talon world/server, and didn't say anything else about it , but.... then how you do it?? can we use the guild storage for "free" or we need to activate a bonus feature? it is necessary that we participate in woes, or can be just for fun? thanks! have a nice day!!!!
  7. Axe for alchemist

    wowwwwww! so many thinks to learn from! thanks to all have been really helpful
  8. Axe for alchemist

    well one way or the other i can do it! Thanks!!!!
  9. Axe for alchemist

    Thanks! for your help as I say I Have no idea what i am doing, looks like i have made her Car revolution/ agi, but I would love to have an Homonculos hahahahaha, can i? look at my status and help me if is possible . ty!!!
  10. Axe for alchemist

    hi!!! I have made my Alchemist with no idea in what i was doing, hahahaha, but i love her so i will try my best to fix my inexperience. So i just want to ask what will be a good Axe for me, i am not thar rich (not jet) so what options do i have?? thx!!!!
  11. Grape Juice

    hi, i was trying to do the quest for grape juice, but I give meat to de boy and now the mom do not want me in her house.... what should i do now??
  12. Hi

  13. Hi

    Hi! I am super happy on try this game/server. I have heard good thinks about this game, so i will try it. have a nice day.