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  1. orang Indo masih pada aktif kok. cuman tersebar di byk guild aja. tapi byk kok yg nongki di sekitaran kafra payon.
  2. onetkun

    Implement !bj command

    Hi, just want to ask. Has this been truely implemented? I tried it but it is still considered as Unknown Command (none of !bj nor @bj nor !bsj nor @bsj works).
  3. OMG. I juz read this (forwarded from Suggestion section). And, maaannn..! This is awesome. If this really works for me, it may be the only reason I move to chrome from firefox. Thankyou
  4. both brad earring and orleans glove give dex bonus which is less needed for this build. I personnaly choose diablos ring due to its heal effectiveness bonus. only 1 orleans glove is needed as combo with orleans shield for cast-time reduce. u'll loss resources by mixing cast-time reduce gear with dex to get IC. U need to choose 1 path, tho. either cast-time reduce gears or dex. because, for example, 60% cast time reduce (2 berzes) + 75 dex (50% cast-time) won't make u IC. by changing berzes to celebs, u'll be forced to take dex path which means u'll lose stat points that can be used for vit i'd recommend using orleans combo.
  5. I do have offensive SL, and as usual with my other magic-oriented char, I make one with dex1 and wear cast-time reduce gears instead. the stat points for dex are used for vit (or in some cases: go for agi). It doesn't have to be IC or 100% cast-time reduce, tho. Since SL skills are quite fast cast. and it cuts kaizel cast-time. So, I wear 2 beelz accs, DI+DL combo, wing staff+eagle wing combo (it has 25% movement speed bonus, so u don't really need sleipnir[1]), (optional: robe of cast and puppy grass) note: as common with cast-time reduce set, it sacrifices ur damage for compensation of way more survivability. other downside: sometimes I have to swap footgear to GEC :/
  6. Yes Crown of Deceit is -10 cast time, but unfortunately it is upper+middle headgear Tried this set of gears. The downside is that you will lose quite some matk and defense due to incapable of wearing kaho, HW/vesper card and shield.
  7. nope, nvr tried it, but I believed it won't work Talonesia groupchat on Line I'm one of the member
  8. tried the build, and called it myself Vampally. but never really share this to others nor to forum my set of gears is a bit different from urs, though... but the idea is the same I use OS+OG combo with less dex and more int ----------------------- ah yes, i also use loyal succubus pet I believe i have once talked with u about this in Line groupchat, but u didn't really pay attention to me
  9. how much is Xmas Snowman Hat? is it really tradeable? PM me please. ty
  10. Hi.. :)

    For some time, I have been playing and trying to gear up my HW of 100% cast time reduce. already achieve it, and this build is really what I want, despite what ppl say :)

    and then, after I browse through the forum, I just read that u have similar thinking with mine.

    Just curious, do u still play this build, and do u still have +9/10 Laphine?

    Please reply me here if u read this mssg, ty

  11. onetkun

    TamTam's Guide

    0-3 Copper coins and for snipers: stay away from that Champion Petite
  12. GB = Gaji Buta alias diem cicing tapi dapat exp, istilah bawaan jaman idRO dulu yg tau istilahnya besar kemungkinan sudah ..................
  13. jeag laiiisss~ i'm so noooobb, weak, and poor Same as sephy, rather than using fireball, i'd prefer lvl 7 firebolt (this is minimum level of firebolt for me to 1 hit-kill sleeper. But thank you for ur suggestion, wakpee PS: no pruu.... i'm weak, poor, and noob. sephy is so rish with +8 BoA and 3 pcs +10 Hypno Staffs XD tbh, I dont really like to go to anolians. few weeks ago, I go to anolians and kill over than 6k anolians, WITHOUT even one single brooch AT ALL and ONLY 1 Carga!!! I HATE ANOLIANS! true~ and also applicable for mobbing babayagas at mavka maps :) agree~
  14. Auto Stone Curse chance if hit by mob, don't you think it is more appropriate for tank-bolter rather than for flee-bolter build like me, since flee is made so that not taking hit?
  15. noted... again, thank you so much for the input
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