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    +4 Cranial Orlean's Server [thara frog card] Variant Shoes Orlean's Gloves [Smokie] +1 INT Dark Blinder [incubus] PMO either on forum or in game send a mail at -Vill
  2. oh i see, 20% its still really weak tho. from 1.5k + 5k it goes just around 1.2k + 4k still a lot since the main dps need to be spammed like there is no tomorrow
  3. i was wondering about using a whitesmith for Battlegrounds but is there any "special item" for it in regarding of some sort of free zeny for CT? if not why not implementing something like it? it would make the class more viable, and its a lot of fun to use!
  4. ye i know i gave kind of a simplistic answer, but you know there are things in this server that litterally are OP, like gtb that limits the characters viability and so on! i answered shortly cause you know theres so much to talk about to make a balanced pvp tournament, you surely have experience enough to know better than me!
  5. im just saying. in my eyes a PvP tournament should imply skill and not pot spam (without a limit)! Also most of the "non-STR" classes cant carry much either so it would be a huge advantage to the already OP LKs and such! didnt want to sound like a bitch, its just my opinion!
  6. so basically the most rich player wins. or the most cancerous.
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