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  1. 1x Padded Armor for the Armor Charm Equip Set 1x Shackle for the Shackles & Bloodied Shackle Ball Equip Set 2x Forbidden Red Candle Any idea what they're worth?
  2. Skobel24

    Agility Knight vs Agility Crusader

    I decided to go agi crusader. I figure worst case scenario I can reset my stats/skills and make him GC or tank, and make a knight. It only took about 7 hours to get to that point anyways. I'm having fun with it so far, so that's a plus. Worth noting, I wasn't aware this server was pre-renewal, so I thought spear quicken would affect 1h as well. That definitely put a wrench into my plans.
  3. Skobel24

    Agility Knight vs Agility Crusader

    My preference has always been for a high ASPD. I'm leaning towards crusader for the added defensive benefits, but I'm wondering what I'll be sacrificing by not going Knight.
  4. Skobel24

    Agility Knight vs Agility Crusader

    Hey there. Torn between the two, can't decide which to go with. Either 2h quicken knight, or spear quicken crusader. Any opinions/suggestions? I'm open to other options as well, but I'm leaning towards crusader. I really like some of the passive skills they have, and I've always preferred spears in any game I've played.
  5. Skobel24


    Hey there! I'm Stephen, recently got back into the game after a 5 year break or so. Played the game back in 2001/2002 when it was newish, never got far though. From Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Currently enrolled in college for Software/Web Development. In game name is Trilon, feel free to hit me up.
  6. Hey everyone, recently getting back into the game after a good 5-6 year hiatus. Looking at making a Crusader, but I'm wondering how viable an agility build using spear quicken will be. Any tips/suggestions?