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  1. SinX at Geffania

    @howrah Fair enough, like I said-- I definitely agree with you on the point that they should search topics first; I'm newer to the community so I suppose it's that lack of time here and seeing the same thing over and over that led me to that analysis of the situation. I can say I've appreciated the help YOU have offered me so far!
  2. SinX at Geffania

    @howrah I agree that properly searching the forums probably should have been his first step but I feel your breakdown of the situation may have been a little on the harsh side~ I don't disagree with you though! @Sir Jake That guide is EXTREMELY comprehensive, but if you're playing SinX you very much so want Excalibur for Geffenia farming. It's a total crapshoot and waste of time if you don't have it simply because your damage output is not going to be effective/efficient. My 8x/5x SinX is able to moderately farm in Geffenia but not entirely effectively yet because I can't quite 1shot the Bus's at this time (Little more int and I'll be fine! :D). Take your time building up, find what works for you, and crush your foes with extreme prejudice. Just remember, asking for help is great but finding the means to help yourself at the same time will empower you even more! You can do this!
  3. People wanted pictures of Rhythm! So uh, here she is!! She's flea free as well!




    1. SkyeReed


      lucky rhythm he found yah*U*

    2. Ryoushen


      Sleeping pup~


  4. So yesterday we had a regular come into the store with a puppy--

    Apparently a mother and her three pups ran up on her neighbor while he was out on his morning jog; They'd been digging around in the trash nearby and all greeted him, the puppies most emphatically (the mother was more like "Meh... You have food? No? Fine." Then they all ran off. So his jog continued for a short bit and then one of the pups came back to him. He tried to find the other two and the mother to no avail and then called our regular for help. 

    Long story short... I have a new puppy and am itchy from flea bites but it's SO worth it. She's adorable and her name is Rhythm... I don't anticipate sleep for awhile now--- RIP. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryoushen


      Nah, I'm just a sucker for cute puppies. :3

    3. yujinori


      Pics pl0x O:

    4. Ryoushen


      I'll take some tomorrow, she's sleepin'! 

  5. Commencing work meltdown in....






  6. Hey folks! So my brother was looking at playing a Grand Cross Sader/Paladin and so I went ahead and put together a sword for him to use for it-- Alas, he changed his mind and is going Rogue now so I have this sword I have absolutely ZERO use for... Anyone interested in acquiring it? It's good for Soulbreaker, Grandcross, and probably a number of other things too! I also have an Anubis Card which I apparently snagged from one of the three Anubis I killed last night and I have a Wikebine Tres Card as well as a Metaling Card (I know it isn't worth much) available too. Let me know if you're interested or have offers!
  7. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3

    Hi there! I'm interested in discussing your services, would you be so kind as to PM me?
  8. Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Alright, now that I've had more time to get to know folks in the guild: Super helpful and mostly friendly-- Questions are usually answered in a timely manner and in ways that don't make you feel stupid for not knowing. Willingness to do stuff with you-- They're very willing to party and run about for things, some people enjoy that multiplayer aspect to the game, regardless of your class or their class; This is a HUGE plus for me. Weird Times-- Being an international guild, some peoples times are odd for me but it's still nice to catch them on and chat! Overall rating: 9/10-- I rather enjoy these guys and am looking forward to more adventures in the future!
  9. Thinking a Twin Fang with Doppelganger x2, Turtle General, and Alligator (For the crit since I intend to focus primarily on a crit Katar build)... I wonder if it'll be worth it or if I can do better. Also need to start thinking about Ifrit Accessories that would blend well for me. Maybe 1 Thief ring and 1 other accessory with Ifrit? Hmm~

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    2. Zeiniru


      other said to me try the Dop + 2 turt + 1 the paper for crit

    3. Ryoushen


      Not a bad idea, it's just debatable between Mobster and The Paper-- Since Mobster gives +4 Crit. Only perk that makes me weigh the choice.

    4. elijahsp


      It is definitely possible to reach 100+ crit without putting alligtor on twin fang.

  10. Saturday was a lovely 3 month milestone! We did go out to eat, had some delicious food, and then ran around town... We went to see the movie yesterday instead though!

    Don't ask what we saw though, you'll laugh... (Yes it was the My Little Pony movie, which was excellent, by the way!)

    Hit SinX on Sunday and am now currently 8x/5x! Woot woot~

  11. Plan to hit SinX tonight but first...

    Gonna have dinner with my wife and go see a movie! We've been married 3 months, today! :D

    1. SkyeReed


      awww lucky wifie <3

    2. Ryoushen


      I'm the lucky one! /fsh

  12. Double Thief Ring or...

    So I've got two Thief Rings currently (yay for luck in Biolabs) and I'm wondering-- Should I run two for now or should I try to get the Assassin Cross only accessory (Cold Heart?) for the combined bonus?
  13. Yo TalonRO!

    Welcome to TalonRO, Synko! I'm Ollure, in game-- I'd be happy to chat or party up sometime!
  14. Hello TalonRO!

    Ollure on idle!