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  1. EVlL

    PvM | Warfare

    Champ: Hollowisation Bio: biggi Smalls
  2. 2nd august 6 pm pls - eXarea
  3. EVlL

    PvM | Warfare

    champ (Hollowisation) / bio (Biggi Smalls) - prefer champ pls
  4. deutsche gilden halte leider nur 2 oder 3 monate, dann brechen sie zusammen wegen inaktivität. das ist schob seit jahren so. spiel in internationalen gilden, gibt hief so nen paar stsrter gilden,sag ich mal. crimson, landers etc. guck dich um
  5. EVlL

    Noch jemand aktiv?

    deutsche gilden sind tot, dass können dir die anderen hier bezeugen. spiel in internationalen gilden.
  6. Then i take slot 3 14th pls
  7. EVlL

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    yeah im expecting some changes or expandations. once ive collected some usefull information im going to make real site with it. for now its just a big picture. and credits to @GM Lance, she already helped me a lot. everywhere is written evil in the picture except bottom right.
  8. EVlL

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    You can post informations to the bosses and i will add them. You are not allowed to post this somewhere else. enjoy.
  9. its a cooldown like in et. charbound.
  10. 4th june 6 pm pls/slot 3 pls - eXarea
  11. Hello @GM Lance, this times also dont work for us. i also have sent you a pm on discord.
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