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  1. Nerfact

    Started playing again after 3year hiatus

    Ohh welcome back! We are also sitting in Gonryun. 😃 Whats your timezone?
  2. Nerfact

    The Vampire Knight returns after 5 years

    Welcome back then =)
  3. Nerfact

    The Vampire Knight returns after 5 years

    Sounds more like a good PvP Event. Explain pls.
  4. Nerfact

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    Its evolved
  5. Nerfact

    stop undercutting so much plox :<

    the older the server becomes, the lesser people will need rare items. the majority dont need most of the stuff anymore i think. and then it comes to the point when there is of an item in the market. and here begins the "free market and stuff". Everybody wants to sell his own stuff. better 500k lesser and sell soon instead of waiting 1 more month. the other thing is that people get used to some prices. the thing is that prices will drop and drop til the market is clean again.
  6. Nerfact

    stop undercutting so much plox :<

    what happened to the auctionfunction? it would be better than the vendors. highest bet gets the stuff.
  7. Nerfact

    Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    good luck to everybody. 😃
  8. Nerfact

    Nightmare's Rift: Sword of Tomorrow

    Nice, finally back.
  9. Ohh, Daily GMC and ET. May i join you guys? Discord : Nerfact#6729
  10. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  11. Fresh Friday! =)

  12. Time to make Zeny again! =)

  13. Ich bin nur noch mit internationalen Leuten unterwegs. Für den Angfang kannst du mit deutschen Leuten spielen. Weltenbummler. Da sind so um die 8-12 aktive Leute.
  14. Nerfact

    NerdlyPeabody's rebirth Guide

    You need no zenys. Go Prontera - klick NPC Jobchanger (or whatever he is named) - change Job/rebirth. You just have to be 99/50.
  15. Nerfact

    Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    the best stuff which i got: - the costume i posted - doppelganger card - stemworm card - bloody branch