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  1. Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    the best stuff which i got: - the costume i posted - doppelganger card - stemworm card - bloody branch
  2. Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    I got this out of a Golden Egg!
  3. Weltenbummler

    bump =)
  4. HW Thor03 Solo

    to make it efficient, devilling with hell poddle is the best. you can mobb much monsters and kill them + heal yourself. fast and efficient.
  5. HW Thor03 Solo

    he is right. the best is find a Hp who can support you there. HW & HP is enough with a Pally even better. Thats enough so far.
  6. Sup dudes =)

  7. HW Thor03 Solo

    I spend nearly the last 3 Month in Thor3. When u wanna go solo there, just get Mad Dog Bris (Hell Poodle) and use a Deviling Manteau (in my case Diabolos Mant). Then u just have to use Meat. And thats it. I think you know how to keep the right distances from the enemies there. And you dont need another Shield then Alice there, because there are only Bossmonsters.
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Mobb Deep ft. Youg Buck - Project Niggas
  9. Solo sniper in endless tower

    As a solo Sniper in ET you dont need Def Gear. You are the DD so why Devilling? You are on Pneuma or the Priests take care of you. Crit Built - Chung E / DS Built Dragon Tail. Sniping Gloom and any unfrozen. When you are rich go for Sniping Ktul to do maximum Damage on Ifrit. GG
  10. Back to RO!

    Ohh Welcome back =)
  11. Weltenbummler

    =) Buuump
  12. Looking for Social PvM Guild based in Europe

    hey wosi, i wrote you and hour ago. i can say one thing for sure. then link i gave you, there you will find more ppl in all timezones. =)
  13. Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    Bump =)