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  1. Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    IGN: Grimrock ✽ The GM Lance Challenge: Let it Snow - +2 Must include a snow-filled background setting. I'd say the Best Work I've done since my art career ✽ The GM Mimi Challenge: I'm Just Here for the Boxes - +1 Include presents in your picture somewhere.
  2. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    People LOVE to eat LEFT OVERS!!!!!!!!!! <3
  3. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    <3 I Love PEDS
  4. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Ahh damn, im not welcomed >.<
  5. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Can I Join LeftOvers? <3
  6. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Bumping the best Guild evarr <3
  7. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

  8. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

  9. Art Contest: Christmas cards from TalonRO!

    IGN: Grimlocke "Merry Christmas!!!!"
  10. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Shinna always ruins Group Pics </3 but she is so adorable WHAHAHAHAH
  11. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    We Do Et's GMC and moreeeeee Come Join Us <3