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  1. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Bumping the best Guild evarr <3
  2. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

  3. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

  4. Art Contest: Christmas cards from TalonRO!

    IGN: Grimlocke "Merry Christmas!!!!"
  5. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Shinna always ruins Group Pics </3 but she is so adorable WHAHAHAHAH
  6. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    We Do Et's GMC and moreeeeee Come Join Us <3
  7. Stealth's Artbox [Closed Indefinitely]

    Stealth!!! really nice artwork BRO xD
  8. Winter and Lunar New Year Events

    I killed 100 metalings and uhmm i went back to von claude and he tells me to finish hunting the monsters and collect the materials, what materials exactly??
  9. Easter Event and Updates~

    Uhmm i recently voted earlier before the 7hr rollback, uhmm i didnt get the coins and i can't vote again
  10. Chinese new years 2013 guide

    whats the answer to uhmmm the famous composer of poem of bragi?? xD --------editted-------- nevermind i just saw the answer xD
  11. Lunar New Year and Winter 2013

    Wheres the guide for the super saiyan hair?? :3
  12. Panda Squad & Friends - Now Recruiting Panda Cubs!

    i just joined so uhhhmmm Hello