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  1. Hi, would like to place in a suggestion for perhaps considering coming up with a BG shoes specifically catered to Taekwons. I understand that Star Gladiators can utilize the BG Tablet as a weapon for more +% demihuman damage, so this may also be implemented into a BG shoes only wearable by Taekwons to grant additional +% demihuman damage maybe? Just a thought!
  2. This is my entry: 77 Old Purple Boxes Mail it to this IGN if I win: Don Isildur
  3. oh god. I cant even delete my post, someone took the number i posted lol. Using this instead. 17. IGN: dododonn
  4. dododonn

    Guild - EDMW Club

    Hi is anyone still active from this guild? Or any Singaporeans around in TalonRO still existing? my ign is dododonn.
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