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  1. Xqst

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    When you combine PvM with MvP, and counting solo and party play, you would have to give each category a rating and then draw an average from that... Ex: Sniper: PvM (PT): X points PvM (Solo): X points MvP (PT): X points MvP (Solo) X points Farming: X points And add as categories as you may have to. I doubt you did this, considering the list is pretty bad.
  2. Xqst

    Where are the players?

    I think the server is quite alive actually, considering the time of the year. We had like 200 players more like a month ago. BG and other stuff is coming up soon, so we will see a raise again.
  3. Xqst

    Double attack stalker

    You can also increase the base dex of your build, it will increase your ASPD a bit (And also increases the success chance of steal) I would pair it with reducing STR, but adding atk items like Bloody Knight on Agi +1 mid. Also, the kukre suggestion in your accs is good and +3% aspd on your armor would seal the deal.
  4. Xqst

    When should i stop ?

    I honestly don't think Mavkas is better than Sleepers... but I can't say Sleepers is better either. I think the money per hour rates are kind of the same, I would say sleepers is more consistent, but in mavkas you don't have to break GNs so... I would stay at Sleepers till I have enough items for Geffenia, but that's just me; I just prefer Sleepers.
  5. Xqst

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    Yeah, I actually think this build is rather useful.
  6. Xqst

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    The SS also provides an innate 20% crit chance. So when you have 80% on window, you really have 100%. If you AA, of course, you do have 80%; but like I said before, I use a different build for AA. And the setup make sense, I wish Profes were a bit more valuable here though. A good Proff can make ET much easier. Also, what you are saying about EQ is true, however, I thought people tanked ETs here as the usual setup (Basically on the corner of the pillar that is on the stairs of the first to second floor). It is easier to support the party that way with sanct and so on. Even with RSX, the pillar makes the position of the MvPs more straightforward and that makes it easier for the killers. I don't know how optimized the strats on ET are in this server, because the items that you can get here make things way easier. Thanks sir.
  7. Xqst

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    - 189 is what I have without switching anything, I wasn't trying to get to 190 in the first place. As long as you have at least 187 you are fine at all scenarios and I haven't invested in a Valky Helm, so you WILL get 190. - It beats Briss at SS too, in terms of raw damage. - IDK how people go to ET here, but Flee UP MvPs in vanilla scenerios are DISPELLED by the Prof. IDK the current formation here. Regardless, you get 100% crit using bow thimbles, I don't see the issue. - I've never gone to GMC, but if there are situations where you want something else, just swap equipment like everyone capable. You don't need Briss as Sniper, period. Is a waste of money. You would probably be better off spending on having more than one arte, you will see better results. - Yes, I reach max crit. It's the same build as everyone else, just not using Bris/Celebs but Bow Thimbles... when using bris, you get more % crit than you need. - I'm talking about ET. In ET there is NO WAY you are not in EQ range when you are killing EQ MvPs like Ifrit and Valky. If you are on hitting range, you are on EQ range, unless it's changed here and has a smaller AoE (Which should be nonsense). You could walk it off because of your range, but you are better off swapping a shield for 2 seconds, then change bow and keep going. I asure you, you have more DPS that way. The questions that I omitted is because, you are only swapping two accesories... there is no rocket science behind it. The things that you could do before, you can do them now, but with more damage. I'm also talking about SS and DS stricticly, if you want to AA, I wouldn't use the regular builds that you come across here, but that's a topic for another discussion. EDIT: Briss is of course an amazing item in other classes, but is not THE best in Snipers. Also I won't create a thread to make people use my build. If they really want to stand out at the game, they should go to the calculator and optimize their builds instead of copy-cating the builds on the forums. If they have the money to spend in end game sniper, they should have the knowledge to play with the calc.
  8. Xqst

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    Idk why people still talk about Briss being better. Bow Thimble Ifrit/Stings DESTROYS bris in ET in terms of damage output AND IT'S ALSO CHEAPER. You don't need the extra luk to reach max crit, you don't need the extra int/vit, you only need the Dex and Agi. Losing the Agi is quite sad, but 6% LR damage is N-O-J-O-K-E (+8 dex from stings and the crit/atk from Ifrit). Also you gotta switch to a GTB low weight shield on EQ mvps like Ifrit. IT is pretty easy to predict and it will increase your overall DPS by actually not dying.
  9. Xqst

    Azura formula

  10. Xqst

    Help with equip

    Depends on what you want to do. Do you want to main Stalker? Do you feel like you want to have more farming items on your stalker to farm faster? Do you want to main something else? Regardless of the questions that I made above, there are certain items that work with ANY character that you create. These items are: Lord Kaho's Horns and Celebration Rings. In your case, Kaho's will increase your damage by a lot, so I would suggest getting that first. Your accesories seem fine for now. I would also suggest putting a magmaring on your DragonM (If you stay at Mavkas). It also increases your damage against Sleepers (Earth Element), if you want to at some point switch there.
  11. Xqst


    Now that the post is revived. I wanted to say that, Hill Winds is best for lvling up blacksmiths/alchemists with mammonites. With little to no equipment (In case of blacksmith, you only need elemental axe/In case of Alchemist, you need elemental axe + x2 iron wrists) you one shot with mammonite and you sell the loots for roughly 1.6 ~ 1.7k each Hill Wind. So basically, you pay the expenses of mammonites, you get a bit of zeny, and you level up fast. The SP usage is minor, mammonite is a super efficient skill in terms of SP consumption.
  12. Xqst

    Geffenia Sinx Farmer (Full Dex Build) By -Sagara Souske-

    I just bought my second unlimited fly wings. This shit is bonkers.
  13. Xqst

    Trans WoE FE with RA 04/07/2018

    I wish I could, but I need a bit more time to gather the zeny to play how I like =[ I'll be watching you in the sidelines
  14. Xqst

    Trans WoE FE with RA 04/07/2018

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YOUR VIDEOS MAKE ME WANT TO PLAY WOE SO BAD. WHAT IS THE OTHER GUILD DOING? EVEN YOUR GUILD, WHY ARE THEY CASTING LOV, AND SHIELD CHAIN, OH GOD That video proves it, like, THERE IS PEOPLE PLAYING. If good leads start to recruit, optimize builds, and *tryhard*, WoEs WILL get competitive. Nice video as always. Well played and nice switches ❤️
  15. Xqst

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    He is not a baby, what he is trying to say is that he has little equipment.