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  1. I think I'm late for the discussion, but I want to drop an opinion that people have yet to mention... I think (I didn't read EVERY SINGLE POST, but at least 70% of them). Competition. The real end game of Ragnarok in general, was meant to be War of Emperiums, and for the non PvP oriented players, there was MvP competitions. The thing is, there are many reasons why both WoE and MvP competitions are lacking. WoE is a forgotten feature, and MvP competition (I mean, the big ones. Valky, Satan, Bio MvPs) has little incentive with how long the server has ran; also the fact that MvP cards can be obtained from an NPC, also hurts MvP competition. In the one and only server that I've played before this one, we used to fight bio lab's Sniper MvP for 8 hours in 12 vs 12 parties in order to get a Combat Knife; things of that nature. You needed individual skill and teamwork to achieve those things, and it didnt really get old till Combat Knives were able to be gotten from other sources... but the feeling of improving and winning against the competition, or the sore feeling of losing, those things were SO ADDICTIVE. WoE was also the same, winning the WoE and bragging in the forums for a week was the prize for winning the most LvLs. Competition is what makes end game much more rich and that's something that was lost in TRO due to how the rewards have become stale. Now, WoE... WoE not being that crowded nowadays, it may have something to do with not having many reasons for playing it either. Castle economies don't really matter, because you can't create Bryhns and stuff (Okolnir is used as a seal for SQIs) and the other godly items are gotten through SQIs as well so... In terms of newbies staying, which was the main point of the first post... I would say, I stood in this server because I just love ragnarok, and I love ragnarok mostly because of what the end game is, so I just see the road to getting to end game kind of a necessity and not something to be enjoyed. In order to make newbies stay, they have to feel like the game is fun all throughout, and party play is what makes it that way. I think the server is fine the way it is though. If WoE improves, I would be happy. If MvP competition also improves, I would be happy as well; but if the server stays as it is, I'm fine with it.