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  1. Freljord Ashe

    Day 25 Advent Calendar

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but if I may ask: why is there an code for the 25 day of the calendar giveaway event but the Lutie NPC says the event is close?
  2. Freljord Ashe

    B> Kaho Card, Romantic Gent, Tights +3 Dex

    Ohayo! Looking forward to these items: Romantic Gent (the hat) Kaho Card (NOT EQUIPPED) +3/+2 dex Tights [1] +3/+2 dex/agi Panties [1] and Dragon Manteau [1] Poring Card: 100k All of those without cards, but if there is one, you can tell me which one is and we can negotiate