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  1. @GM Zelda I knew it! Nice to have a brazilian friend around. Also, we sure use condensed milk EVERYWHERE haha @rangelaaz Thanks a lot, my recipe was supposed to be for kids, indeed, but... I kinda ate it all. Not sorry though! Also, I love your Strawberry Tart, and you have always been nice the times we met in game, so I hope we both win this! ^^
  2. @GM Zelda are you brazilian or is this also a thing outside Brazil? I never imagined other people enjoying such a sweet candy haha Will surely try your Nescau version! Thanks ^^
  3. Powdered Milk Poring Family Freljord Ashe's recipe - TalonRO 2020 Holiday Cooking Contest Story time: Heroes of Umbala The plate/recipe: Powdered Milk Poring Family Ingredients: How to make it: Here are the GM Challenges I picked: GM Zelda Challenge: there is SO MUCH sugar in this recipe, I swear. GM Spica Challenge: a lot of (sweetened condensed) milk too! GM Blackstar Challenge: both the food coloring and the icing pen are merely used as decorative presentation, so that must count! My IGN is Freljord Ashe, but you can also find me at Wrath of Andraste and Shyvana the Dragonborn. Thanks a lot, I hope you all appreciate the effort!
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