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  1. Haha you're so enjoying it!! =3 It would be a pleasure to plan it with ya and other motivated Talonians! Themeing the event is a great idea I just think to Eden Chief's quest but it seems it's only about mob hunt (I never did one of his quest): >>> The Eden Group Guide I started a draft Google sheet so we can sum up the first recipees with item lists: Google Sheet link. It can be improved, but we can use it as a basement ^^ And I'm sure many of us could imagine some recipee, maybe it can be a specific post on the forum =] For the random pirates assaults I guess Gangsters (Mobster), Desert Wolves, Pirate skel & Soldier skel, Cookies or even Bigfoot and Coco can attack players ^.^
  2. Yeah =3 I already have some recipees ideas in mind ^.^ and I'm sure that evryone can propose interesting meals, because of their own culture and taste, and because of Talonians are very creative! I'm waiting for Q-pets recipees particularly ^__^
  3. People who chat with me in Midgard know it... I am an huge fan of food! Food doesn't mean eating - not only. It is something that helps discovering cultures and histories. It is a real concern according to me (how to feed more and more people? How to concil cultures, ethic, and ecology?...). Anyway, that's not the point here =3 I want to propose you here an event related to food. The greatest chef of Midgard cooks regularly famous meals for his hosts ^^ Unfortunately, some pirates attacked his delivery so he doesn't have all of the ingredients to cook wonderful meals... And the worst is the chef doesn't rust anymore the delivery company!! Moreover, his requirements are more accurate now: 'all I want is fresh and local ingredients!' The game starts here, Midgardians The chef needs us to lead the following mission: collect fresh ingredients for the best meals in Midgard. The goal: collect required items and deliver it to the Ingredient Storage Manager (NPC? GM? Let's define it together). What items should we collect? Well, I imagine 3 levels: Ingredients required in RO recipees. Actually, I don't really know what is required - I read quickly Lvl2 cookbook or something like that! Haha Ingredients we can find in RO and which are used in real life. For example, collect Empty bottle x10 and Rotten fish x50 to make the Vietnamese raw nuoc mam. Or Egg x100, Sweet Milk x10, Honey x50, Orange x50 and Red spice x5 for Gingerbread. Or whatever we can propose (@GM Mimi your suggestions are welcome) Ingredients required for creative recipee. Suggest some imaginary recipees made from RO items. It can be human or Q-pet food ^^ For instance, we can imagine Gollems like sandy bread with rocks and dry herbs (Sand x100, Stones x20, Yellow, Red and Green herbs x10 each) I am sure evryone here can feed this post with recipees or creative ideas Ow, I forgot.. to make it more difficult, we can add random pirate assaults in farming zone or on the road to Ingredient Storage Manager
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