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  1. March 1st at 3 PM please, thanks
  2. Saint Clair


    Yes, 6 lines box is too big, if possible make it 3 lines like before, usefull for peps thats have small resolution screen
  3. Saint Clair

    Chat Channel

    Enable command that off the main chat permanently except we wnat it on, like before, so we not need leave every log in char
  4. Wonder if we can keep boosting the hat to get pet, even the previous boost still on
  5. I write this because maybe many rushing to room 4 when player get good hand (not 21). The rule is; at least we need win 1 hand for the majority to win, no need both hands. When we get good hand but not 21, dont rush to room 4, example first hand is 19 and second hand is 20, dont go room 4 because we still possible to get better (21), we should go to room 2, hit first hand and stand for second hand, who know we get 2 at hit n get 21, better than 20 at our second hand, if busted, nothing to lose, since we still have the 20 at second hand. after that just depend on dealer card, pure luck GOOD LUCK
  6. Its confirmed that we cant claim the Pet with other account when we already finished it?
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