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  1. Sunday, Dec 6th 2020, 3 PM ST, and if there available please at Sunday Dec 13th 2 PM, thanks
  2. Can at Sunday, October 11th, 3 PM server time? Thanks
  3. September 20th, 4 pm server time, thanks
  4. xyn

    PvM | Thor

    13th, 5 pm please, thanks
  5. xyn

    PvM | Thor

    September 6th, 16:00 please thanks
  6. xyn

    PvM | Thor

    29th August, 4 PM server time, thanks
  7. August 23th, 3 PM, thanks
  8. August 16th, 3PM, Thank You
  9. August 9th, 3PM, thanks
  10. Its fine like that, but at least next schedule give priority to the teams that not yet get schedule for this week, if by 'first come first served' base, it wont good, not every team leader awake when you post this, even if they have notification, they cant 24/7 on their pc/phone
  11. Saturday, July 25th, 4 PM server time please, thanks
  12. July 11th, 4 pm server time, thanks
  13. Agreed Sunday, June 21st, 3 PM Server Time, thanks (if possible)
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